No more Canadian Quarterbacks remaining in the CFL

Looks like the last of the Canadian Quarterbacks has left the league as Quinlan has now returned to Mac to take up Coaching Duties (assuming QB Coaching). Sad to hear this :frowning:

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Kyle was really fun to watch play the game. Of any Canadian QB’s I really thought that he had the best shot at not only cracking a roster but becoming a number 2 QB and an eventual started. Sad that we may never see him back on the field. I wonder what the real reason for him deciding to take the job at Mac was? Could he not take the pressure of auditioning for a QB spot behind AC and Porter? Maybe it would be different if he had signed with another team that hasn’t had a set starter for the last decade and a half, if it was a team like Winnipeg, Hamilton or Edmonton?

Yup no more. Sinnopoli after being listed as a WR was briefly on the roster as a QB again but with doubts that Forzani will be able to go Sinopoli may be thrust into a roster spot as a WR. The word is he was drafted, unlike Quinlan, do to his potential as a WR if he did not somehow become an instant success at QB in which he only had a very small 1 1/2 year window to do.
Anthony Parker taken in that 2011 WR draft was taken 3rd will have his shot in his 3rd season. 5th and 6th picks Coehern and Ianuzzi have established themselves already and 4th pick WR jade etienne also in a pivotal year

All fringe guys at best, with no real chance to become starters or even back ups. I’m sure Quinlan looked at the situation and did what was best for him. As of right now, our QB,S are so far behind the curve coming out of the CIS, they don’t stack up against, the better coached and the enormous amount of QB’S in the NCAA . It would be a dream if a Canadian kid could star as a QB in the CFL. But until, these kids have better coaching and have better facilities to train in , it will be tough. Another issue is hockey , Soccer, baseball and basketball take a lot of athletes out of the picture. In a already small country , in a sport that is not number 1 in this country the odds are long. I think if this country is serious about producing the QB position, you will need to start mentoring them at 13 and 14 years old and really make it specific to the QB position.

Sinnopli and Quinlan were great CIS players which in the NCAA equals a great DII QB. There many more DII football teams in the US not to mention the over 200 DI FBS and FCS QBs and for the higher level FBS they have great back ups that may not barely see the field.
Sinnopoli Got a chance and made the team as the number 3 his rookie year but in wanting an expereinced #2 behind Tate that left Sinnopoli to battle it out with rookie Bo Levi Mitchell who as a real rookie right out of the NCAA FCS was just plain better than Sinnopli.If that had been a import DII player that Mitchell took the place of no one would have batted an eye but that is the reality the Best CIS QBs are the equivalent to the best NCAA DII QBs so CIS and DII QBs odds are very long to make it in pro football.
One Canadian QB no one is talking about is a Canadian that grew up and trained in the US through his Middle school and HS years and went to DI Hawaii but never got to start so ater only playing 3 seasons at Haiwaii redshirting his freshman year and graduating he still is young and has two year of CIS eligibilty left. So similar to a player like Bo Mitchell who transfered down from the top NCAA FBS to the FBC to play is something similar to what Cayman Shutter is doing by now playing a level down at U Regina to get playing time. If he does turn out to thrive at the lower level like Mitchell did to go along with his DI training he would be the one Canadian QB that truly has the best ability.
Surely if Shutter would have gone to a CIS school out of HS he would have been an almost instant starter but would not have played and practiced against the best competiton a QB of his age can and that is the NCAA DI FBS

Something needs to change, the current system and past approaches have not produced a solid Canadian starter since Russ Jackson. I think Greg Vavra, has the most starts since Russ Jackson ? That is not a good thing !!!!!!!

I think Gerry Datillio of the Als back in the day was Canadian also. He would have had about the same number of starts as Vavra, IIRC. 3 or 4 years each I think.

Think Datillio had a few more starts , but Vavra was the last of the Canadian starters.

One thing that could change is that the CFL puts one QB spot into the ratio making the Ratio 20 imports 20 non imports and 2 QBs. Coaches and GMs would seek out the top Canadian QB and give him a little more of a leash in developing him. This would allow a team to add another DI to the game day roster which would be huge for teams especially having the ability to dress another Import HB or CB or Import DE 2 positions where they is a big gap between Canadian and import players on a large scale. Also would be able to fit an import Kicker onto the roster without changing the balance of the current 19 imports on the roster. This would be the kind of thing that a CFL coach and GM would see as worthwhile to develop a Canadian QB
If not they would still have the same ratio as they would now for imports with the 20th spot still going to an import QB.
GMS and Coaches will love this but the CFLPA will not.
The CFLPA, however will not like this, as they will view this as taking a spot away from a worthy Canadian position player who will have a much better chance of actually seeing the field.
This is the very reason that the 3 QBs have been taken out of the ratio equation and position players on the roster and kickers have a 20 non import to 19 import ratio giving what the CFLPA considerer position players and kickers will be much more likely to have success and stick with in the league for while were as it is the CFLPA that see that there are just so many import QB out there.
One teams Management will have to see that the possibility of having a Canadian QB actually starting one day will be huge to revenue for that team with ticket and merchandise sales as well as National attention.
Problem is up until now no one who is a CFL fan watches much CIS football so these University QBs are not household names for the average CFL fan.
Unlike in the US where University football is huge and the players are so well known that drafting and signing a QB like Tim Tebow instantly meant some big attnention to the NFL and the Broncos as the Tebow Jersey sales went through the roof.
The CIS will have to hit that a level where these QBs are household names and fans will beginto demand to not only want to see them in the CFL but will be watching there everyroom and will lead the CFL in Jersey sales.
The CIS QBs are just as unknown as many of the import QBs that are being brought in and to a CFL fan winning with an import QB is better than losing with a Canadian QB who is just as anonamous as the CIS QB.
Just my opinion of course for those who are wondering

I stand corrected Austin Kennedy is still listed as QB for the Eskies. He was U of Windsors QB

The only way a Canadian is going to start at QB is for him to attend Middle School in the US and then be good enough to make it as a QB at a High School team in the US and then be good enough for the NCAA. My nephew was at a football camp and the CFL players and coaches at the camp told his dad that he has potential to be a QB but if you want him to have any chance of a career put him into school in the US.
I remember reading an article about a kid from Niagara on the Lake who went to a Danny MacManus camp, he was told the same thing go across the border and get into middle school in the US where you will be noticed and then up to the high school level and then if you are outstanding HIgh School you may get a scholarship to a NCAA University.

You can drive by any high school in Florida and see kids in full equipment in July in 95 degree temps/high humidity getting ready for the football season long before the school year starts. In Ontario if there is a little bit of humidity they cancel soccer games because the kids might get hurt!!!
It's a fact that an NCAA QB will have been trained by the best coaches and the training season twice as long as in Canada and facing defenses with players that are bigger, faster, stronger than he would ever face in the CIS.
This is one position that we should NEVER guarantee a job just because he is Canadian, they have to earn a position.

You are describing Cayman Shutter to a tee. he went to the US during Middle School ages in Hawaii was an all state and state Champion QB. Went to U Hawaii and never got his chance to start as a QB do to a legal problem going into his senior season. I believe he redshorted his freshman year at Hawaii. So he would have had another year of eligibility in the US whether it be at Hawaii or if he transfered down similiar to Bo Mithcell who spent 2 season on the SMU bench in Texas transered down to Eastern Washington to play.
Shutter decided to enter the CFL draft and E camp leaving ineligible to play for a NCAA or NAIA school but not for a CIS school.
CIS has been comparable to NCAA DII level of play the same level that ESKS QB mike reilly transered to after sitting out is freshman year a DI Washington then transfering to DII Central Wahington.
Shutter will have two year of eligibility and is eligible right now to play for U Regina.
So he has done everything a US born QB does so far with the exception of playing time at athe DI school.
Like the 2 QBs mentioned above DI talent no room for him to play so transfering down a division or to A CIS school.
So lets watch closely to see how he does.
Unlike a player like Quinlan who has starred at a CIS school but has not been trained or played and practiced at the level that Shutter has.