No more 9 game IRL

Nice to see this move. It is far from a fix, but at least they are making some efforts in the area! There is a pile more work that needs I, and others, have said before, it would be nice to see independent / league reviews of injury claims that IRL players. I have also said that 6 game makes more sense, and am happy it is changed. Most broken legs are healed in under 6 weeks with modern medicine and therapy, and if it is more than a broken leg it is likely season over anyways. It also makes the IRL more viable of an option for concussions where a month off for a mild concussion may be enough...6 weeks is acceptable...9 is hard. This is a huge move for the CFL, but without the independent reviews, the 6 game IRL will likely make abuse even worse! Make teams justify the IRL transactions and this could be great

I have not heard this news but if you are saying that the 9 game has simply become a 6 game, then nothing changes except that using it becomes less of a commitment and basically open to more abuse. Less risk of not being able to get a guy back onto the roster if suddenly you actually need to dress him. Nothing else changes. Were there any other stipulations changed to the 9 game or was it just simply shortened?
-- Eliminating the nine-game injured list and replacing it with a six-game list. Clubs can pull a maximum of two players off the six-game injury list early, without it counting against the cap for any player who continues to be on that list for more than six games.
that's all I have seen...I am sure more will be release next week, but it sounds like they just flipped the 9 into a 6. And yes, I agree it will make things worse. It needs an audit process.