Just wanted to get this topic in before all the arm chairs start trying to fix something (Offence) that isn't broken!!

He is the Rob Johnson of the CFL. He has all the tools, he just isn't a good QB. (my opinion)

I agree. I think that we can work through our QB problems and we will be a stronger team for it. Let Marcus heal and until he is back get our young guys some reps.

I too agree, let things be,for we already have a #1 QB, and i've got the faith that MC Hammy will bring the house down after another week of R and R........GO GREEN

I recall Eric Tillman on the FAN590 a couple years ago just after the Argos dumped Kent Austin. He made a comment about Bishop similar to " He is not exactly a 5 Beta Capa"...I would conclude Tillman (best GM in all of football in my opinion) is not a big Michael Bishop fan.

I hope he stays with the Argos & is able to show that he is the best qb they have.

What about Damon Allen playing for the Riders?

Turkey, I'll drive him to the Airport if you can make that happen! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lousy time to pick up bishop. After Durant provided a spark, this could rattle Durant confidence. At some point u have to give Durant a chance. At least give durant 1 or two games until MC Hammy( "cant touch this")
is healed.

Good Call! There is no debate in my mind. Bishop is no good! $250k arm strength, $0.01 accurracy, $0.01 head. I doubt any team will want to trade for Bishop. Tillman is smart and will not recycle a crappy QB like Bishop. We have a great coaching staff that can develop a young QB like Durant. Durant is the future. Let him take the team, Crandall will be back before we know it.

Nope.....he's done like dinner and being he is in the Argo's office (assitant to Pinball or something made up, I can't remember) I can't see him peeving off T.O. to try and play again just for his own ego. He's finished, but you just can't tell him that. Here's a question, which would you rather have taking snaps, Damon Allen or Kent Austin. Before you laugh, consider this, they're both the same age. In fact, they are 35 days apart in age. Only difference was that Kent knew better and went on to better things. Damon is OLD (for the CFL I mean)! The only reason why his stats are so large is because he was an active player for soooo long.

guys, you don't seem to realize that Crandell can go down again. Every team in the CFL needs an experianced QB, including the Riders if they intend to will games. Bishop was 11-1 last year I believe. Did anybody even watch the TO games last year before critizing his play? Sask QB will deveope under fire this year, but in return you can kiss the playoffs goodby.

That's the stupidest response I usually hear. "The Riders need a veteran backup" NO THEY DON'T. They're trying to develop a QB. That's not going to happen if the young QB is getting 3rd string reps and never getting a chance to play. I think Tillman knew that Crandell wasn't going to play the whole season very well when he dealed KJ.

^ i agree i think he looked at it in a "training" session for the season kinda

It isn't a "stupid reponse" as you called it OnRider. Read the whole statement. I said if they intend to do well and go deep into the playoffs they would have an experianced quarterback, if not they would play the rookie QB's and probably miss the playoffs. After winning the cup last year it looks like they will probably play the rookies with the hope that they make the playoffs.

Yes, it is. Glenn and the Bombers went deep in the playoffs did they not? Or is Dimwittie an experienced QB? FYI, Crandell is an experienced QB who will start unless he's injured, or one of the youth takes the team over. Durant just might do that. Hamilton is the best team to take over IMO.

Dinwittie din't play during the regular season games. Non that I can recall and if he did he certainly didn't win any games.
Winnipeg would not make the playoffs with Dinwittie palying QB this year either. Glen has been a regular starter for many years now and is a better QB then Crandell even though there record may not show it now.
If Crandell remaind injury free the riders may make the playoffs, but not without an experianced Qb if he happens to get injured.Derant was 4 of 11 against BC with 49 yard in pass comletions. Granted he played against a good defence, but he will have to play much better against Hamilton to will. The Riders cannot expect their defence to pull out a win every game. It just will not happen.

I know I'm an eskie fan but I do cheer for the riders when they dont play the esks.
So I am Rider and Esks all the way........ As far as joseph and bishop well look at the game.... garbage material just like Damon Allen!!!! he's just as bad for the riders as joseph far as I am concerned.
I think the riders will do fine this year...... and my esks, well as long as they dnt let the wins go their heads as usuall they will do fine.
go riders on sat.

5 for 11 for 60 yards actually. He started off jumpy but was much better at the end when they started calling plays to cater to is inexperience. We have given the young qbs all the tools to succeed, a great receiving corps, a great o-line, and a great returner for good field position. Durant will fare better than you think.

Hope your right! We will see on staurday. The riders will stop the run and should do reasonably well against the pass. Hamilton will attemt to shut down the riders running game early. If they do it will be a long night for the rookie. If they don't shut down the run of sask. then the riders may have a chance.

I think we should get Bishop, because we're the only team that doesn't have QB Depth.