No massive airlift of NFL cuts

Kind of refreshing not seeing the usual airlift of NFL cuts trying to fill holes on the squad. I know a lot the cuts are still not available (practice squads etc) or willing to give up on the NFL just yet but we haven't brought in many at all. Good sign that the coaching staff and management are for the most part happy with what we got. Just another good reason to feel confident in the future of the team.

This is the first time in 3 years that we haven't overpaid for the latest NFL cut.

Rhetorical Question Alert:

What do we call it if all we do is sign Buffalo and Detroit cuts where no airplane travel is required ? Car lifts? Bus lifts? :wink: :twisted: :lol:

Detroit cuts hitch-hike, Buffalo cuts walk.

The won't be no huge air lift but The Practice Roster dose not expand now till Oct1.