No Marwan this week vs Montreal in Rematch

I looked at Depth Chart and saw no Marwan

[url=] ... 093609.pdf[/url]

How will the Ticat Oline be without it leader this week
I had love hate Relationship with Mr Hage
But it a very good Center ..

Let hope Mr Dewit can do as good or Better Job Then Marwin

and Wish Marwan a Speedy Recovery

I had love hate Relationship with Mr Hage
I hope he doesn't have any caged rabbits in his backyard :wink: :lol:

I heard the other day that Wayne Smith is taking reps this week. Mark Dewitt is another player mentioned as a starter this week for the position.

Mr. B. has said that Hage, even if he didn't practice Friday, could still start on Sunday. So, maybe????

Another link relative to the topic

[url=] ... s-cfl.html[/url]

He's been moved to the Injured List.

My information was of last night, so I guess I'm a little dated, Ottawacat.

A look at the article courtesy of Picat, brought me up to date.

Thank you for the corrections, guys!!

Shea Emery (concussion) and Diamond Ferri (injured a hammy in practice this week) look like they will be on the mend this week also, I have not seen the monreal depth chart yet, but I doubt they'll play.

Hi K/P:

I just had a look at the Als site and their depth chart. Ferri is in and Emry is out for tomorrow's game.

That was last weeks depth chart. This week's isn't up yet on their site.

So I'm still not current!!!!

I give up....

No worries. It happens to the best of us.

Hey, no worries man.

Even without Hage, we should be able to put up 40 again against this depleted als defense, unless we F^&% up huge.....I like our chances again :cowboy:

It would nice to win this and Put Digger in Al's

The Als will have the Labour day gamefilm to look at. Here's hoping Jones and Chamblin can change the questions as quickly as Montreal thinks they have the answer.

And, I would so enjoy seeing the confused and frustrated Cavillo again tomorrow.

You two dated?

Silly no What Mean Is you love marwan as player or you hate him
There Been time I could not stand him
then days I am glad he our Center .

He has alot of Talent

It would be nice to see, two weeks in a row, but history says it's highly unlikely.
If you look back over the times the Cats have played back-to-back games, particularly when Montreal was the opposition, the most common outcome of the second game is a victory by the team which lost the first game. And, the least common outcome of the games would be two convincing wins by the same team. I think motivation plays a considerably bigger part in the second game of back-to-backs than it does in most other games. The best example may be from October of 1956 when the Als set a scoring record, at home, beating the Cats 82-14. Seven days later, in Hamilton, they lost 50-14.

No you're right OTC. I just want to see the Ticat's go against historical norms and shock the world. MTL is favoured by 6 for a reason :expressionless:

:cry: :cry: No Marwana :cry: :cry:

You make it sound as though losing Hage will have no effect on the offense. He was the most outstanding lineman in the Eastern Division for a reason (probably the best interior lineman in the entire league). It might not affect the passing game too much but i'm sure the run game will suffer a little bit.