no Marko Cavka = a Loss..

We lost this Game cause no Oline Depth.
If we had Marko Cavka on the Bench We would get that yard and won that Game.

This Cut Came back to Bite the Ticats where it Counts.
Welcome to last Place and another 1st Over Draft Pick.

Why didn't we release woodard..........

Let us all hope that Obie can find a capable replacement for Woodard soon.

The wrong import got cut. I think that's clear. Keep Cavka at guard and move Dyakowski out to tackle at least temporarily until a new import tackle could be found. As it was, Woodard contunes to underperform and we've lost a guy with some upside, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought are import o-linemen where suppose to be better than our Canadian o-linemen and that is clearly not happenning on this team. all the other teams have solid import offensive linmen and we have woodward. he is the worst on the team, with his constant procedures,holding or just getting beat all game long. All of the sacks and the pressure on printers came from our 2 tackles which both happen to be imports. there should be some solid linemen being cut from nfl teams, lets get them in here and get rid of woodward.

I Agree with every Said Here.