No Marching band for the Final!

Another indication that the Lions are not doing anything for the big game.... there will be no Marching band at halftime.

What the hell is going on here with this organization? A playoff game with no marching band? That's like a car with no gas!

Now the Stones have officially cancelled both the Vancouver and Hawaii shows; I'm having a bad day.

Have there been marching bands before? I've never noticed because I've been busy reloading the Grand kids with junk food at the concessions.

I could care less about the half time show. Its the game I bought tickets for.

Although if Gainer (Riders) or Ralph (Stamps) come to BC and take on Leo the Lion at half time, it might be worth a peek! :roll: :roll: :roll:

just so you know... they didn't cancel the show... just postponed it.. Nov. 25th in the new date for it..

University of Washington band came to the Western Final two years ago, but we had better ticket sales that year cause it was our first Western Final in years and they had the money to pay the University. Its fun, but everyone goes to the smoke deck or Washroom,lol.

We don't need no stinkin' marching bands! Give us something worth watching - The Super Dogs or Mascot soccer is better than marching bands.

A sudden death playoff game with the winner going to the Grey Cup... the last thing I'm thinking about is the halftime show.

The good news is the highly successful B.C. Lions Street Party will be up and running for the WF. It has really created a festive atmosphere outside B.C. Place. :thup: