No Luv 4 Green BUt!

I waited a day before posting after watching that game! whew! I swear that was not the real Sask Riders playing! something was up! They made The Mustard relish EE's led by Kastansa's twin look way better than they did! On a good Rider day they would have not let Ray run 20 seconds loose like that! We all have bad days like my Lions despite a great effort again! honestly you never put up any fight! Yup I know Buck can't be expected to outshine JJ! everyone thinks hes a saviour but like Dave Dickenson hes 1 hit from retirement! could someome please tell him to dress down! burris is playing! I'd see huff in before I'd see Dave in! anyway Riders your still #1 till someone knocks you off! Please let it not be Alberta! I dont think they respect you as much as BC does! wow look at every 2 faced person dive on you when you lose! um did not see anyone else go 0 and 6 this season! step off!