No Loud Music - Few Calls To Chant - New Policy?

Hey- In all the mess we noticed one thing. There was very little music being played/volume way down and there weren't anywhere near the usual number of annoying demands for us to cheer.

Did you notice?


It sounded so much better over the TV. Less is more.

Oski Wee Wee,

Was there any REASON to cheer??????

Maybe that can be highlight of the game next week. A shot of Jason Farr patiently sitting in the announcers booth talking into the microphone without screaming.

Noticed -- and appreciated the change. It's still not perfect, but it is tolerable.

I did, actually. I'd been thinking of bringing earplugs (really). I'm up high in Section 7 and the music has sometimes been deafening (literally). The volume was reasonable tonight and Jason Farr's commentary was appropriate.
The highlight of the night might have been the Hamilton Children's Choir's rendition of "O Canada."
Sad, when you consider we bought tickets for a football game.

I loved the booing at halftime, they completely deserved that!

I noticed the improvements to the music levels and the announcing. Thank you for giving the fans a chance to enjoy their headaches instead of intensifying them.

I believe your ownership listens to the fans of Hamilton more than any other team in the CFL. That bodes well for the future.

Yeh, it was nice to hear the people beside me not have to yell when speaking. Thanks

We DID have the lead at one point....

yes it was better

Thank you to whoever FINALLY listened to the fans who actually pay the freight. I enjoyed the fact I could actually ENJOY the atmosphere of a REAL crowd not the ampliflied CRAP we've had the rest of the season. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!

Yep noticed the difference... good job

much more enjoyable without the normal noise. Preferable to hear the crowd than the over amplified music and PA blather. Of course it would have been better to hear a chearing crowd than a booing crowd, but that's how the game went.

Definate Improvement!