No Longer The Ugly Sister

CFL fans/posters are going to have to come to grips with the fact that the CFL is NO longer the Ugly Sister of the (Canadian) Sport's Landscape. We are force to be reckoned with.

Our ratings are amazing. For $43M/yr, TSN is getting 250 hours of highly rated programming and other networks are going to notice. Other leagues and networks are going to do their best to take away from that. That's life. That's free enterprise. They are not going to do us any favours.

The NFL is not going to put together a weak schedule for this weekend. The NHL is not going to avoid playing games. Rogers is going to try and piggy back our success and sell tickets to the Bills series. See it as a compliment.

I know it has been said many times but things are really coming up roses for the CFL.

Vancouver - new stadium and close to 30K fans per game.
Edmonton - not what they use to be but still a strong franchise.
Saskatchewan - I hate them but you have to give credit where credit is due. GREAT franchise.
Calgary - Good attendance. No issues.
Winnipeg - New stadium. Good attendance as they rebuild.
Hamilton - New stadium next year and the winner of the 2013 Grey Cup.
Toronto - Weak sister but should have a new home in 5 years.
Ottawa - New stadium. New team. Terrific name.
Montreal - Still successful and has the province of Quebec to itself.

TSN contract with big bucks - with bigger dollars to come. Serious talk of a 10 team league.

Steven Brunt, are you paying attention? When is someone going to write a book on the turn around and comeback of this league. Call it, The Little Engine That Could - How the CFL went from Death's Door to Success in 20 Years.

My concern is when leagues do thios well things change high salarys for players maybe it means tickets cost more not saying thats bad but that is what could happen.

I agree. Will it be smooth sailing? Of course not. But most things that are worth while, seldom are.
Things are far from perfect but we are getting there.

Don't get me wrong i am very excited about the future of the league but we have to be willing to accept changes that will come with that.

Mark Cohon did a terrific job with his TSN interview. Smart. Young (looking). Handsome. Great rep for the league.
Sounds like a 10th team in the Maritimes is on his current To-Do list. :thup:

I agree. What "changes"/challenges do you mean?