[No longer so] Tired & Embarrassed.

But mostly, I’m tired of being embarrassed as a TiCats Fan!

There is no great conspiracy against Hamilton despite what many here will think.

Whether it be a French-Canadian Referee or an Irish-Canadian Review Official or a Ricky Ray trade … somewhere, somehow, Hamilton fans with tin-foil on their heads will think that the world has got it out for them.

That’s the easy way out.
The world is against me. It’s not my fault.
The deck is stacked against me. How could I possibly win.
There’s no chance in winning because everything is conspired against me.

One thing I’ve learned in life … those who blame others for their fate fail to make their own fortune.

It’s easy to blame the refs or the command centre or the league for what you believe to be inequities & conspiracy in the system.

But thats just not the case.

Fact is that Taylor Reed blocked #45 of Calgary in the back on Banks’ Punt Return.
Fact is Terrell Sinkfield established & engaged contact on his OPI call.
Fact is that Hamilton was the most penalized team in the league in 2014
Fact is that Calgary was the least.
Fact is that is how things worked out.

If anything, their reputation caught up with them & it cost them.

But back to my opening statement … I’m absolutely sick & tired of the whining & complaining & conspiracy theories of my “fellow? TiCats fans.

You’re embarrassing yourselves.
You're embarrassing me.
You’re embarrassing the team.
You're embarrassing the City Of Hamilton.

Grow Up & Have Some Class People! We Lost! Calgary Was The Better Team! That's It Plain & Simple!

Fact is 10 or 15 calls went uncalled call them all or call non

Fenderguy69 ,Agree 95%!

It really does reflect on our city our fans when we have a conspiracy theory always.


Fender I agree 100% ! I already said it on the main forum…Yes the penalty took away a great play and a great finish…but did it cost us the game ? Absolutely NOT. The fact that our achilles heel of not being able to score in the red zone which was a problem all season came back to bite us in the butt in the most important game of the season,not once,not twice but three times is why we lost this game. The better team won on Sunday,they proved it all season and we did ourselves proud by hanging in there and only losing by a mere 4 points when many so called experts were calling for us to get our doors blown off.
Believe me I am as frustrated as the next Ti-Cat fan about losing back to back Championships but IMO this team has come light years since Austin arrived on the scene,we should all be PROUD of our team’s accomplishments these last 2 seasons and leave the whining and crying for someone else. In the end,did we have a chance at winning this game ? the answer is an emphatic YES. unfortunately we came up just short and losing this game to a team that ended up at a tremendous 17-3 record on the season is nothing to be ashamed of. I have a really good feeling that we will all be back here this time next year,only this time we will all be talking about our 2015 Grey Cup Champion team. GO CATS GO !!! 3rd times the charm 2015 GREY CUP CHAMPS.

Hates people whinning, makes a whinning post.

God forbid anyone have a discussion here, there’s no question on whether we lost or if Reed pushed him from behind.

“You’re embarrassing yourselves.
You’re embarrassing me.
You’re embarrassing the team.
You’re embarrassing the City Of Hamilton”

Haha that’s too funny.

No one play cost us the game.
It was a combination of multiple broken plays, miscues and lack of execution that cost us the game.

the return penalty is most glaring due to the fact that it occurred near the end of the game, but it is no more complicit than any of the missteps earlier in the game. (i.e. 3 redzone failures, blocked FG etc)

that being said, a 9-9 team took a powerhouse 15-3 team to the brink in the final minute of play giving this Cats fan a sense of satisfaction.

I agree with all that's been expressed here, by all four posters ahead of me, even BoLtZ. But, this year BoltZ, the officials did, it seems, make an attempt to call 'em all, or certainly more of them than in the past, and all it did was slow down the games and bring loads of complaints from the teams, the fans and the media. Now, when it comes to putting the word embarrassing together with Tiger-Cat fans, how about only a couple dozen showing up, at a convenient time and location, to greet the team on its return?

Fact Special teams penalties are up this year a whopping 24% that's a lot of flags ? Have the players all went dirty in one season ?

Disagree with FG69 on most points. Sure Calgary played better than us most of the game, sure we made several trips to the red zone and came away with 3 pts, sure we could have done a lot more offensively, but, hey, Bank's run at the end made up for all our shortcomings and was taken away by a cheesy call, borderline at best. The Calgary player pretty well admitted he embellished the call as soon as he felt hands on his back. and the official fell for it. I'm not the least bit embarassed, being a TiCat fan, actually I'm quite proud of it!!!

  1. yes. A lot of infractions were called due to the players not listening to the officials in TC on how penalties on ST’s would be called this year.

  2. no. See number 1.


I am concerned that FG is tired and embarrassed of being a TC fan because he is one of the best posters here on the game itself. I'd hate to lose him.

But my reaction is quite different. At least on this board, while there is been a lot of discussion about the play and the call as is natural, right from the beginning that discussion has been overwhelmingly in agreement that the correct call was made. I think it has largely been a mature discussion by great football fans of a team that came within that call of a probable GC win.

So what about those fans who hold the conspiracy theory? I cut them a lot of slack. Their edge was one of the factors that kept the team going in the dark days. Even though I disagree with them on this one point, what's more important is that they're Cats fans too. And #1, I will always be proud of being a fan of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

I agree with FenderGuy.

We played pretty well, but we were beaten by a better team that set the tempo of the game early, kept it most of the game, and played tough defence when it counted most. Calgary deserved the win. Give them credit for it. Let's do better next year. I think the future is bright for the Ticats.

The paranoid conspiracy theorists here are mildly humourous, but more often just tiresome. If they think the game is rigged, I don't know why they bother to follow it.

Yes it would be bad if we lost Fender he is, as you said, one of the best posters on here

The moment we start telling people to silence their opinions than we may as well shut down the Internet.

Fender, this is Hamilton,luv us warts and all or GTFO as the kids say.

No sh*t, we’re just venting on a Ticat forum. After all we are ticat fans, lol :smiley:

I’m very proud too :thup:

Great post. There are many situations in life when the deck IS stacked against you. If you’re a black citizen of Ferguson, Missouri, for example, or a transgender person against whom violence is routinely perpetrated and tolerated, yes, you do have reason to think the system is rigged.

But being a fan of a goddamn football team isn’t one of those situations.
It’s just football.
There is no conspiracy.
No one is out to get you.
Thinking you were robbed actually tarnishes the wonderful season the Cats had.

Football is an emotional game. Kent Austin has said so. Even the players, who are more invested in the results than the fans, lose it and say and do some dumb things. Take, for example, some Alouette players before this year’s Eastern final. General managers, like Jim Barker, are another indicator of this.

Point is, players understand the game on a deeper and more fundamental level than those who cheer for them, get upset or emotional over such events, some to the point of taking selfish penalties that hurt their teammates, but you expect a fan to be expertly objective on the same play, especially one that occurred at such an important moment and could have been THE determining factor in a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

Whether you are embarrassed by what others say on this forum, should not be their responsibility. They have as much right to their opinions and feelings as you. They should not have to apologize for their thoughts anymore than you should yours. If you don’t like them, then don’t read them.

Just don’t ridicule others for expressing theirs.

The Team never sent any emails out, or posted anything on Social Media to let anyone know when they were coming home, I was at the Store at 10 am asking no one knew so cant blame fans for that.

Doesn't help fans accept the reality of what went on in that game when the HC takes jabs at officiating in his post game interview.

This is also a very thoughtful rebuttal. I agree with both you and Fender, if that’s possible. Fans are going to be heated and emotional after a big loss like this. So you’ll see posts of all types flying by. I think Fender’s post is a necessary corrective to a lot of the “we were robbed” posts that have been circulating since the game. But certainly, Cats fans have every right to vent in their own forum.