no lions talk on 1040

I think this market in vancouver is so canucks crazy,

Its sickning, i love hockey and the canucks but come on, this city is talking canucks like they have won the stanly cup,and no other vancouver sport teams get a sniff on 1040,This hockey team is no were near to winning a cup, can't we talk about something else , no i am not just defending the lions, but also other teams out there that get no coverage what so ever.I have noticed that ever since the team 1040 has become the canucks station they are doing what CKNW has done to other sports teams in this city, wipe them out completley, if i was bob ackles i would be demanding more coverage of thier team,I understand that at the begining of the nhl season it is exciting , even i was into it and did not think much of anything else, but it has been almost two weeks and it has not let up at all. I feel sorry for all those other sport teams out there who are trying to survive in this city.But i guess it come down to the all mighty buck. Ask our selfs this questions if, and going back in time. the NASL Was still here,and we won the soccer bowl, the lions win the grey cup,and the canucks are doing well in the season.Who would be number one.

Come you sports media, there is other teams in this town.

The problem isn't with the media. They try to talk CFL yet all the callers ever want to talk about is hockey. Sad but true.

The biggest obstacle the Lions are up against is playing an 18-game schedule compared to the Canucks playing 82.
Playing 3 or 4 times a week is just fuel for talk shows and callers. Basically, every other night is game night which also mean long pre and post game shows.

That said there is basically just over three weeks left in the CFL season. Throwing in some football talk between now and Nov. 19 isn't asking a whole lot... especially building up to the Western Final.

The reason that 1040 doesn't get calls from Lions fans is , I suspect, because there are no Lions fans listening to Team 1040 most of the time . Why would Lions fans listen to that second rate station if all they talk about is hockey? It's a catch 22.
Everytime I ever tune into that station , other than at game times , all they're talking about is hockey . So what do I do ? Change the station , don't most of you Lions fans do the same? Who's going to listen to endless Canucks talk just in case they throw out a little 2 minute scrap for the football guys.
And when they actually talk a little football it's usually something stupid and useless like the latest drug controversy that got an NFL guy suspended.
Team 1040, if any of you read this , you are irrelevant as a radio station to me , why would I want to listen to you ? Put on more football talk regularly and maybe I'll listen to your station. And not the latest controversy either , I mean relevant BC LIONS football . I don't care what the New Orleans Saints are doing either.

Miles9 and pennw make good points. Sadly its the callers that dictate the time spent on the talk shows. I am always amazed when I'm in the car surfing the dial and hear Dan Russel talk about hypothetical hockey trades in the middle of August.

Thank goodness for music on fm!

Ditto. pennw has it right on the money. There is only one time that 1040 is on...and that is when I'm driving down to BC Place for a game and on my way home after the game. Other than that, it's either on 1130, CFMI, or off.

BTW, there is one thing that really p!sses me off with 1040's post-game show. I want to listen to the people calling in about the game, I do not want to listen to these idiots take a 15 second call, and then spend the next 15 minutes yapping at each other. When it's time for calling, let the callers be the show, the way Rafe Mair used to do it on 'NW. :mad:

Well I think its time for Ackles and Braley to make a move. The Lions are getting no support on 1040 right now. I don't care what happened in the past. This is here and now.

1040 should approach NW and ask them what they could offer. It could be the impetus for 730 going back to a Sports format.

Surely NW can offer the Lions a lot more than 1040 is offering. Although they may have some 3 year agreement with 1040, any radio rights contract can be severed if either party feels the obligations of the contract are not being lived up to by either party.

Lions coverage on 1040 is essentially now non-existent and the Lions have to make a move, or there's gonna be a half-empty stadium for the Western Final, and that would be an embarrasment.

Also, it appears Jeff Patterson is on 1040 the night before the Western Final; the Canucks play Calgary here Nov 11. Considering his remarks against the Lions fans, if he talks hockey all night on the night before the Western Final..... use your imagination....

I don't anticipate a half-empty stadium for the WF.

Take it esy everybody, we are going to get our largest crowed of the year against winnipeg, a game that has no meaning to us what so ever,and we already have over 30,000 sold for the western final, we are ahead 40% more tickets sold for this game than last year. I do agree team 1040 does not give enough air play(besides gameday) to the lions, at all, but i do think that this game alone without any publicity from 1040 will get over 45,000,we finally have great bc lions fan's, it took a few years to get them back but we got them.

I can see if the team 1040 goes on like this and when the canucks year after year are overplaying the lions completley, then yes it is time for a change, but why not stay with the number one sports radio station in the province? CKNW Is now a joke, the only thing keeping that sports program going is the old wanna bees that still listen to that pathetic host dan russel,(who constanley puts down the cfl, and when it comes to talking with glen suiter he sucks up to him, like he knows everything about the game.)So don't worry lions fan's we are going to get an excellent crowed for this weekends game and i predict over 45,000 at the least for the western fnal(if saskachewan get there over 50,000).

I only say one thing if the lions win the grey cup let's have the biggest parade ever.

The lions are in excellent shap.

Go Lions Go

I like your spirit dupsdell....and we don't need ANY radio station to get us to fill the seats. Lion's fans it's time to shine...come out and show your support for the team who doesn't need "The Team".

One of the first things Bob Ackles did when he came back was to change the radio station for the Lions. He was miffed at their coverage of the Lions even back in the 80's. Had he not gone down to the states, he would have moved them off NW even back then.

P.S. Dan Russell is an idiot. How this moron keeps getting hired (he's been fired on several different occasions) is beyond me.

Wait until they hold a party for the opposing team! This occured last year in Calgary. The station the Fan960 through a party for fans for the visiting Riders. Kelly Kirsch the station manager is from Regina. He figured this would be a smart thing to do! Well today they are known as the riderfan 960. So really Debra it can get worse. But very true It is good to see fans in Vancouver coming out and supporting the their team. Now that see how many will turn out for the west final.

It is good to see that we will get at least 34,000 for the last game of the season.It realy shows how far this team has come, even rick ball today on 1040 kept saying how far this team has come , after he heard the attendance for the winnipeg game. So 1040 if you want to talk all hockey talk go ahead, ,sooner or later bob ackles will pull the plug from 1040 when they are as popular as the canucks which is not that far off.and then 1040 will be without one of its major sports teams, CKNW ALL OVER AGAIN.

He keeps getting re-hired due to ratings. As much as I don't like him for his lack of football coverage, there are a lot of hockey listeners that tune in and keep the ratings up so that CKNW keeps renewing his contract.

Listening to 1040 driving to the final yesterday was so negative towards the BC Lions, we almost forgot ourselves and were starting to worry Sask. would win...then on the drive home, there was little celebration of our huge win...all talk was negative again about whether Dickenson would manage in the cold! Geez, do they ever give these guys a break? Hope they don't listen to all the negativity.

Sorry but I thought 1040 had great coverage yesterday (game day) 9.5 hours straight Lions talk . Lions talk this morning on the way to work and more Lions talk on the way home , so give em credit where it's due.

Yesturday was the western final what elese are they going to talk about, i can see them talking alot about the grey cup sure i give them that, but what i am meaning is an everyday game, it is not there, no talk what so ever.Everybody wants to talk hockey which they are doing right now on 1040, till 11:00 pm, and the reason dan rusell never talks about the lions is because nobody wants to.Unless it is a playoff game or grey cup.

Cfl is small time to a lot of people folks the quicker you face that, the easier it is to accept it,.

I was specifically responding to the post by Lionsscore prior to mine. why don’t you read that and get a little context before commenting about what i wrote?
But why should you care since your not a Lions fan anyway?

Hey guys, I feel you. Here in Montreal on the Team 990 it is the same story. All Habs all the time. Barely a mention of the game this morning's show. Now, I understand that this is a hockey town as well but that did not stop them from giving all their NFL picks for this weekend. I wish the CFL got a little more respect from the media. Anyway, good luck in the game guys. Even though I am a diehard Als fan, I have a feeling that BC will be walking out of Winnipeg with the cup. Oh well, one game, anything can happen. I just hope that it is a good one like last year's classic.