No lead is team is safe.

On Friday I saw, what for me was the best game in the CFL this season! The game between the Als and the Lions. It was hard hitting with some brilliant passes and receptions and great rushes. It was a game not determine by the refs. There were no major injuries or major screw ups. Calvillo is one of my favourite QBs and he was on his game last night. Lulay was brilliant.

The Lions destroyed the Als last fall whooping them 43-1 in B.C. place. As a Lions fan it was great to watch but for me it was not nearly as satisfying as watching last night's game. And the Lions lost! What I loved about last night's game was the tenacity. The harder the opposition pushed, the harder they were pushed back. There was mutual respect on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

No lead is safe and the Lions came within a whisker of proving that again last night. The Als don't have to be thankful that they narrowly won. They beat one of the best, if not the best in the CFL [if you're a fan who wears black and orange]. And they beat them with talent and grit.

The Lions and the Als are the best in the CFL in my opinion and barring any major season ending injuries both should end up in the Grey Cup. But just like they say that no lead is safe, no team is safe when it comes to the playoffs given the current playoff format. One single game [Western and Eastern Final] could eliminate either or both of these great teams. It shouldn't happen, hopefully it won't happen but it has happened in previous seasons. Teams that have occupied top spot in their respective division for most of the season are never safe.

No team deserves not to be in the Grey Cup if it makes it that far but based on season performance certain teams ought to be in the Grey Cup. Unfortunately, teams that make it to the Western and Eastern Final can self-implode and end up having an "off" day eliminating them from the Grey Cup. Great players end up getting the jitters. Balls that should have been caught are dropped. Key players get injured. Untimely fumbles do happen. And unfortunately, the refs are only human and blow key calls. But such is the CFL and a single game can bring a great season crashing down. But I suppose another way of looking at it is that teams that are great and not just good do not lose the most important games of the season. That is a reasonable. Let's hope that the Lions and the Als are truly great when all is said and done because if last night was any indication, these two teams may give us one of the best Grey Cup games of all time.