No Labour day game in Toronto?

I thought the Labour day classic was suppose to be in Toronto this year. Toronto is playing Montreal the day after?

This is not cool, not cool at all. I was looking forward to this, but now?

Blame it on the Blue Jays. They have a game Sunday and apparently it takes too long to convert to football for Monday. Pretty lame in my opinion. You would think that the Jays and Argos could work out a better relationship where they could schedule around these things.

that's what happens when Toronto is dominated by the Blue Jays.

the CFL should have their damn schedule already made by November for the next season. enough waiting till February.

Yes, an no way should the Argos have to pay for more than the ordinary crew to change over to football if that's what the issue really is, I don't know.

Another reason the Argos really do need to have more control over the stadium they are playing in.