No Kyries This Season

I was just watching the news and the sports reporter said that he would not be playing with the Blue And Gold this season because of Immigration problems.

Yeah its been all over CJOB today and Taman confirmed it......they wouldnt let him in at the border in Emerson....Immigration said he is a risk to re-offend...

Thats too funny!

Don't need him anyway, why breakup a good thing. He can chase his wife instead

but we have to pay him?

....seems a bit odd ...if his charges had been reduced to a misdemeanor... there should have been no trouble gaining entry ....must be more to this than meets the eye....could this be a way for Hebert to get his acting like a re-offender to the border people.....hmmmmm ...well if it comes down to playing without Kyries...i guess we continue the way we are...and that's been not too bad lately... :thup:

If we release him we no longer have to pay him. Pap my boss thought the same thing. I figured no way but who knows duh duh duh…

Taman wont release him, but it is an interesting turn of events. I pretty much agree with papa though, but it seems that you can be denied entry for bizarre reasons(I know someone that coudnt get back into the US after he came back to Canada to attend his niece’s funeral), it crazy reasons like this the border guards deny entry to a person.

he may still come, he's got some lawyers working to get him over now. cross your fingers, he is one of the best linebackers in the league

The Bombers should have gotten him a work Visa approved first. If he wasn't allowed into the country then his work visa would have been denied. Then everything could have been avoided. It seems like alot of work on the Bombers part for nothing. This also makes me think that Kyries screwed up things at the border to get his release. far as conspiracy theories go that one is a beaut!!!.....think about it, Hebert hints/tells/shows the immigration guards that he is a high repeat offender and they bar him entry to Canada....he can't get to Winnipeg to earn his wage yet Taman won't release him from his contract......his lawyer pleads to the court that the contract is barring his client from be able to earn a wage with his god-given skills to feed his family.....this could get interesting again.....

i feel sorry for him hes going through soo much trouble

All this talk about hebert is making me sick!

Well, Taman just said on the Doug Brownie show that they are still working on getting him across the border and that the chances are pretty good.

I think this is just another bump in the road. Heres a little piece from todays (Thursday) sun paper.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are hoping a letter from Kyries Hebert's wife will help get the linebacker into Canada.

Hebert’s wife, Kristina, has written a letter of recommendation for her husband. She sent the letter to the Bombers, who forwarded it to Canadian Justice Minister and Manitoba MP Vic Toews.

The letter is crucial, considering Hebert is being kept out of the country because of a domestic dispute he had with his wife in January.

A Canadian customs official refused Hebert entry into the country on Monday because he felt Hebert is a risk to re-offend.


“It was a well written letter, so if that doesn’t help, nothing will,” said Bombers GM Brendan Taman.

The Bombers have an immigration lawyer trying to speed up the appeal process, which is also being done through the Canadian consulate in Los Angeles.

Hebert, meanwhile, is waiting at a hotel in Grand Forks, N.D. Taman said he should know later today if the appeal process is going to take hours, days, weeks or months.

If it’s going to take weeks or months, Taman will tell Hebert to return home to Texas.

“I still think we’ll get him in, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen that quick,” said Taman. “… The letter from the wife I’m sure will help as well, but it’s sort of out of our hands.”

CJOB is reporting heberts passed imigration and is in winnipeg now. oh yeah :slight_smile:, with warner possily out next week hebert may get the start over carter 8)

...i don't think he'll replace Carter that quick...besides ..i like Carters game......Hebert will probably get his start on special teams....when and if he passes the medical... :thup: ...i hope he brings his ;"A" GAME...he's gonna need it...and we can sure benefit from it.. :thup: goBigBlue..