He's down there all right. But either way, this now requires an explanation from him. Why would he turn his back on us now?

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IMO he’s not turning his back on anyone.
He’s just looking out for #1.
I think that if someone was offering me more $ I would have to look at the offer.

It is the way it is. I’m certainly not gonna say oh he should do this or he should do that. He will do what is right for him.

I don’t want to see him go anymore than you but I’m not gonna??? demand an explanation or anything else from him.

If he does go then I will thank him for all that he has done for us and I will wish him luck.

This is not good!

I know it's hard, but we should try not to push the panic button.

After all it is only an interview (like Richie Hall's was with the Alouettes). There are plenty of other candidates for the position that have coaching experience in the US which I imagine would be quite an asset for the job. I'm certainly not discrediting Kent, but I'm trying to remain positive.

Kent's position in Saskatchewan is certainly stable. That would likely play a factor into his decision to prehaps stay even if he is offered a position at Ole Miss.

Marty York Reports that Marcel Beallefuille may break his contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats if the Head Coaching job in Saskatchewan becomes available and return to his roots in Regina. :wink: :wink:

IF Kent leaves, why would the Riders want to interview Bellefeuille? We have the best candidates under contract already.

I'm hoping Kent doesn't leave, but if he does, I wish him well because he did for us in one year that some coaches couldn't do in 5 years!

The persons that are being interviewed, besides Kent, are no slouches...

Ah, dariderfan, you missed the hidden signal in Sportsmen's post:

"Marty York Reports".

That is CFL Fan Forum shorthand for "I'm pulling your leg with this."

good one!!!!!!!

You know Bohdon, I agree, who can blame him, all eyes are deservingly on him right now and if he can capitalize on it, I would cheer him on. BUT having said that, let's not forget that I AM from Saskatchewan, and I subsribe to the theory that "I don't care if it happens (whatever it is), as long as it doesn't happen to me."

This sux royally, good for him, but it still sux! (why does sux get the big **** treatment here?)

Holy you guys. Chill out.

If he leaves, then fine. It would $uck and it wouldnt do a whole lot for his image here in Saskatchewan. But we have Richie Hall. And I think he would make a great head coach.

Would I do such a thing??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually, IF Austin goes I’d bet the farm on Richie Hall.

Hmmmm, maybe thats why he didn’t sign in Montreal…Did he know something back then?

Since I'm lazy I am just going to copy the relevant part of my post from this topic on the main forums...

I think some people are getting ahead of themselves in here.

It's an interview, and even if he does well with the interview and they offer the position to him, that doesn't mean he's going to take it either.

I'd love to see him back again, as would probably ever Rider fan, but in this case we'll just have to let this play out and hope for the best. He does have a good situation here and I'm sure he knows that as well.

As much as I don't want Kent Austin to go, I definitly wouldn't hold a grudge of any kind. He would be making way more then he ever would up here if he was to go. Wish him well in the interview, hopefully this will work out for the best for him and his family.

Actually his salary wouldn't be a whole lot different, but if he has ambitions to perhaps become a head coach in college ball or just to be closer to family than I see this as a better opportunity for him.

Ya I stand corrected, the salary wouldn't be a whole lot different. He'd have a better shot at moving up to a head coach where the salary might be around 500 thousand. I also heard, don't know if it's true or not his children would get a free college education if he was to stay coaching there.

"In this profession you listen when people call, especially if it's your alma mater. I think it's a little disrespectful not to listen, to be honest.''

Spoken like a well grounded, true pro.

He's right, anyone, in any profession, would at least give the courtesy of listening and talking, instead of just "Nope, not interested". What an insult to any employer.

This certainly explains the thought process, and underlines the professionalism of OUR Kent A.

Further, it is yet another example of why we need him to stay here, by any means.