NO Jerseys with names at ticat store? What is this???

SO, season ticket holder of 16 years now, my last jersey purchased was a Bruce jersey a little bit back and I figured it was time to buy myself and my girlfriend new jerseys and updated players. When we purchased that jersey, there were many player jerseys to pick from.

I went in at the start of this season and noticed the store had none, I was told they would appear once the season starts.

I went to the Jarvis TigerTown store today to find out that the only player they had was Earl Winfield. As great as that was, im shocked and kinda pissed off. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks to have a jersey with a player name and number done for me. The only jerseys they had were plain ones. Since when does a professional sports team have their own store and not offer specific player jerseys? I think this is ridiculous and needs to be changed back to how it was. I was expecting to see jerseys of lawrence gable fantuz collaros etc, but nope, none!

I would love to hear an explanation for this from Mr Young or Mitchell or anyone from the organization. There is no excuse not to have at least a few player jerseys available for sale.


Years ago this was the norm. Personally, my preference is for jerseys with numbers but not names. There is so much player turnover in the CFL that names on jersey's can become outdated pretty fast. A few years ago they had lots of jersey's with "all-time great" names and numbers, presumably because they have more staying power.

I still have a 1988 home jersey that I had to have custom crested with #1 for Winfield. If I had known how long he was going to stick after his 2nd NFL tryout, I guess I might have splurged for the name lettering as well. :wink:

Maybe jerseys with names already on aren't selling that great. I myself prefer nothing on it, I'm afraid as soon as I put a name on he'll be traded lol.

Order one online. Plenty of names to choose from. Free shipping as well

I bought an "unmarked" away jersey a couple of years ago and just had it lettered. I took a little over a week to get it back.
Don't understand why they said 2-3 weeks, maybe they're a lot busier now. Still, you would thinks they would stock them already crested.

2 words.....Chris Williams

Almost bought one myself. And a JJ a couple of months before his release, although I may still buy one he was a beast.

They definitely had already numbered and lettered jerseys available earlier in the season. They had stock of Banks, Collaros, and Fantuz, and a few others if I remember correctly. They are probably just sold out, and potentially busy hence the 3 week wait. Perhaps they sold a bunch during the season ticket holder pick up event. I think there were some good discounts to be had during that event.

A wise old fan once told me "the only name you put on a jersey is a hall of famer or your own".

I understand all that, I called and the girl said they dont have the room for jerseys, and when they do have jerseys with names, its only a few players with 1 jersey per size and that is all. I think at the very least they should have jerseys in stock in the back room or something. She said nothing will be available until after the home opener.

It was a tough choice between Garney and Tommy Joe but #75 won with me.

I chose Hal Patterson # 77 (as not many others would).

This year I bought the Banks jersey # 16 after he signed his 3 year contract. Hopefully this was not a mistake. He is the best returner we have ever had, imho - so I took a chance he will be a future hall of famer.

With the amount of player turnover lately, it might be better to design the jerseys with a velcro patch instead of a name. Then, when a player leaves, the name can be torn off and a new one put on.

unfortunately, I purchased a Williams jersey just before he went AWOL. :frowning:

still have it new in the box and have not worn it even once.

I have to agree with fans on certain players names who can turn around and be traded or leave on the other hand players that are staples on the Cats and won't be going anywhere if Austin can help it like Fantuz, Tasker, Collaros, Jeff Mathews, Bakari Grant, C.J. Gable, Brandon Banks and Simoni Lawrence all fit in that class of being a ti-cat for awhile unless something weird happens or they get a big offer from an NFL team?

The Tiger-Cat store should stock a variety of names of those who will fit the bill on the Tiger-Cats or certainly offer their names available for order along with number.

If some fan want's #1 Earl Winfield let them have it, what the heck, or Mosca, Ozzie whatever but try and push the current players.


Well, the rumor is that Reebok is losing the CFL contract next season, this likely means that the terms of the new agreement prevent the CFL stores from selling Rebook apparel. This means, the team isn't going to be able to sit on Reebok inventory, so they are keeping a limited supply. What supply you do have, you generally want to keep open and available to be personalized. It also means that the personalized jerseys (which tend to sit even longer then regular jerseys) are also going to be so limited.

As a general rule, I don't personalize a jersey until the guy has been signed for at least 4 years. Hage, Dyakowski and Tasker have been my choices, and I only bought Tasker after he resigned and because if I ever go the Buffalo it will be a conversation starter.

LOL !!! Talking about names on the back of jerseys , there was a dude at the preseason game that had an old #1 PRINTERS jersey that he had modified to read PINTS by removing the R,E,R. :lol: :rockin: My sons and me got a good chuckle out of seeing that one.

8) If you ever took the time to venture to the TiCat store on Jarvis St., you would most certainly find out that any current
 TiCat player, or past star, along with name and number on a jersey  is available on order !!

  A 2-3 week delivery date,  which is very reasonable !!

  If someone wants one right now,  why didn't they order one at the beginning of the season, and they would  have it
   by now, just in time for the home opener ??      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

If you don't want to wait 2 to 3 weeks for your jersey you can always go to E-Bay and just bid on one. Game used, like this......
#20-Emmanuel Davis game worn jersey from the 2013 Grey Cup game. estimated delivery 3 to 5 days.

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#5 Ralph Dieter Brock & #83 Andrew "Andy" Fantuz are the only two Ticats jersey's in my collection, just waiting for #7 Justin Charles Medlock to win us a GC before I buy my 3rd Ticats Jersey :rockin:

Both times I bought a blank jersey and had their names heat pressed on the back :thup: