No Interest in Moncton Game?

"bane wrote"

What you don't realize is that potential fans will always be less willing to watch another cities team than their own.

Can you see past the tip of your nose?

So is that the same logic with the the Bills in Toronto? not their team and they get less than capacity at around 40,000 plus paying over a $100 a ticket. If Toronto had their own NFL team they would sell out and more likely to watch their own?

Fans in Guelph didn't come out to watch any of the Ticat games either, not their team. Roughly around 12,000 season ticket holders from Hamilton.

What does the NFL have to do with any of this? This thread is about the Moncton CFL game.

I don't even waste thought on the NFL or anything american. I couldn't care less about anything that comes out of that pathetic nation. I am a Canadian, and I love and support Canadian things. The end.

Your making a fool of yourself. The little town of 100k people Moncton has sold 15 000 tickets about the same number Rogers has sold for their next NFL game 17 000. The Moncton game will be a sell out people will pickup the 1400 crappy end zone overpriced seats as walk up and last minute decisions.

The title of this tread is missleading when the game is almost sold out weeks before the game and likely will be by game day.

What would a game featuring Montreal and Hamilton or Montreal /Toronto draw at Laval? I am still of the opinion that Laval with its insane passion for the Rouge et Or would be a better place for a tenth team in the league. A Quebec team Vs Montreal Als would be nuts and the Laval U stadium could be changed just as Percival was in Montreal.

Love to see a team in Moncton but I see Laval as way more viable.

But, Laval and by extension Quebec City, do not want pro ball messing with what they have there now.

And the Als would be the last team you would want playing there. There is a profound dislike of anything "Montreal" in Quebec City.

Money talks and the hated for Montreal is the point. Hey here’s a thought (tongue firmly in cheek) maybe the Als could play the Rouge et Or after all they are a semi-pro team - you determine which team I mean but I digress.

As others have attempted to point out, huge difference between buying tickets to see two out-of-town teams and buying tickets to see your hometown team.

The novelty of hosting a CFL game only goes so far.

And Quebec City will NEVER happen in the CFL for myriad reasons.

So if two out of town teams can't draw, then what does an investor or potential owner look to to prove this could work on a full time basis? Truly just a gamble and hope that a team of their own would draw well?

I suppose that make sense, if you want to have risk free investments there are obviously better places to go then sports.

I guess the downside is, that the richest owners out east, McCains and Irvings (not sure) had said they weren't interested a few years ago I believe because it was not a viable business. Not sure if anyone else remembers that article.

If that's the case who jumps in then? Maybe that's why Cohon has stated he believes it could be a community owned regional team.

All this says to me is that a lot of the people who attended the first couple games didn't like the experience in the end zone bleachers in particular and many aren't willing to pony up 120.00 for a pair of those tickets. So by the looks of it. They have decided to leave one end zone open with no bleacher.

Quote from Cohon,

"Cohon has estimated the Moncton stadium would likely need $100 million in upgrades to meet the league’s standards."

I see no chance of Moncton investing $100M into a Stadium for 10 games a year.
This is a pipe dream and IMHO a waste of money and time by the league.
Moncton has a Population of 140,000, including outlying areas.

Halifax has a better chance with a population of 400,000
Halifax had recently turned down Stadium financing from the Federal Government for a soccer Stadium to host the Womens World cup for soccer,
They bailed out on the 2006 Commonwealth Games that they undercut Hamilton's bid on and then decided they couldn't afford it,
Screwing both Halifax and Hamilton out of Stadiums
If you could believe it, their Council could be MORE dysfunctional than Hamilton's

Without a Stadium, there will be no expansion into Atlantic Canada!

When Atlantic Canada comes to the league with a solid plan for a Stadium and ownership, (just like Ottawa had to)
Then the league should be accommodating for an expansion franchise.

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Five days from now Bruce13thMan will be in Moncton! CANT WAIT! GO CATS GO

Me and my buddy will be there as well. Good luck to both teams but just to balance your post: GO ALS GO!

Al's suck on this thread! lol! Look forward in meeting you 234ever! Best party in town will be at the Old Triangle.

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We will be there. :thup: