No imagination on offence

pretty sad playing overall. you have to mix it up alot. Try an end around, or a double reverse or something besides the typical boring plays, try a fake field goal, its a game, not a test. Even on a the 2 yard line can;t score come on, what is this suppose to be.

I agree about the short yardage plays. Many of the teams this year have been stood up one the 1 yard line because tey have attempted to hand off deep in the backfield. There bak may get 5 or 6 yards but that only gets him to the line of scrimmage. It drove Dunnigan crazy on TSN all year. What I can't figure is why so many teams are using that unsuccessful play as often as they do.

when you get down to a certain point in the defence's zone why always field goals(they may safe) but they will never win games, it would be interesting to see the percentage of games won by a team with the most field goals?? Fake field goals(none does these anymore?) the other quarterback should have been put in earlier when the other guy Pierce was doing nothing. Use a 2 quarterback system, and have the field goal kicker practicing throwing passes(like Passaglia did on occasion) even though he was a quarterback in college. There are tons of plays you can use when you are down on the 2 yard line, this is why they lost.

Yeah, shades of the Montreal game again. I can't believe it, they tried the same thing again and failed. I say the QB takes it straight up the middle. If you can't get it in on three attempts you probably need new offensive line and definitely deserve to lose.