No Hope, it was not a mistake

rather is was and is always pure ignorant stupidity, along with excessively poor parenting.

Hope Solo Pleads Guilty to Driving Intoxicated with Her Kids: 'Easily the Worst Mistake of My Life' (


Makes me thankful for my dear old mom who hardly ever drank, never put us kids in danger or put her vices ahead of our well-being. She was always thinking of us. Thanks mom! :smiley: :+1:

My message to selfish addicts like Hope Solo who’ve got a supportive spouse and have had every opportunity to turn their lives around for the sake of their kids but have refused to do so…

Stop reproducing.

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Get some help Miss Solo.

Admit you have a problem and go on rehab.

What is with people drinking and driving?:triumph:

Han's wife?? :stuck_out_tongue: