No Home Games from July 8-August 20

I am a little late to notice but that is a rotten schedule for the team and fans. I was just going to buy some tix and I was shocked that there were no home games for 6 weeks in the middle of summer...OUCH!

Why so unbalanced??

This is being done in honour of my wife's and my 40th anniversary. We will be in Europe for 34 days this summer. The only problem is that we leave on the 7th. Somebody in head office made a mistake and was off by a day. :smiley:

This is great for us STH to be able to go away this summer for a couple weeks without missing games, Love It

Playing 5 of their first 7 games on the road may be a tough way to begin the season but, starting Aug. 20th, 7 of the last 11 will be at THF and only 2 of those 11 games will be played out-of-province. To me, that's an advantage that should more than make up for the challenging early season travel schedule.

They decided to take TWO bye weeks and two away games in that time.

A little info on the schedule for your interest.

I have to agree with this. While I look forward to each and every game, it will be nice to have weekends free to go camping or something as the summer is a bit of a slow period at work and a great time to take vacation. Its hard enough planning around my work schedule (work every other Sunday), so having to also plan around home games is even trickier.

Plus, being a larger guy, sitting in the stands on the East side, wearing a black jersey in the blazing hot sun isn't the most pleasant experience. Especially when the sun is setting in your face in the evenings.

At first glance, I thought it was a crazy schedule. But being a family man now, I realized this actually works out great for us. We're able to make the first games in July and then still make plans for a family vacation. Both my kids are under 5 years, so I have to agree with the other poster about the heat in July. We sit on the side (can't remember if it's East or West) but the sun is right on us the entire time. Last year, I had to get my kids out of the sun as they were just sweating like crazy. (Yes, even with bottles of water and sunscreen). So to me the schedule is great, but I get that it might not be the best for everyone.

Taking two bye weeks early in the season most likely was a choice to suit Zac Collaros ' return to action.
I was amazed that I wouldn't miss any games on our planned 3 wk vacation trip..... :cowboy:

Our Bye weeks are spaced absolutely perfectly.
We have one of the best schedules in the League
A very good job done by Scott Mitchell and Austin on this!


I saw it and was like this works out great. Now if only we can get rid of the Friday night games or atleast start them at 830pm

Add me to the list of STH's who love this.


I think it's a great way to start the season, no travel in the first 3 weeks. The Week 1 game at BMO is almost a home game, no travel and a lot of Ticats fans in attendance then two home games in a row.

Hamilton, unlike most CFL teams, doesn't share their stadium with any other pro team or pro sport, so it's beyond ridiculous that the Ticats don't host a home game for a month and a half.

Honestly... WTF was the CFL thinking? Have the CFL schedule makers suffered some type of severe head trauma?

But they can only host if the other teams schedule coincide. Most teams try to get all of their bye week games in during July/Aug, the Ticats are taking two bye weeks in that period. Look at Ottawa, they have four home games in a row in August, that doesn't seem right either.

We are missing out on the prime weather to host games. I have a wife and 2 kids that enjoy attending games and my family definitely prefers the nicer weather to attend. Nothing better than a Friday night in July at the field IMO.
Also you lose the casual fan who likes to catch a game a season when you are out of sight for 6 weeks.
I say BOO to the schedule!!

How exactly do you lose fans? They still play the same amount of games. I think it's good for vacations. CFL probably realizes that THF will sell out any time, so the team goes and plays on the road in places where it may be harder to sell tickets in the summer.

Really is a nice balance of off weeks with one starting July 24 & one in October.
I should have checked the schedule before posting based on another poster (SJ) who posted wrong ,oops ,rookie mistake ,won't be last one.
Used to post on here as Beam Reach many years ago before the computer changes made logging on as BR impossible so I was Slim Pickins for several years (if any of that matters ,anyway ,back as Beam Reach-term for a nice Sailing wind & trim ,have only lots of wind now....;0)

Where have you heard that most teams want to get both their bye weeks in the first half of the season. I would assume most teams would actually love at least one of them to be with about 3-5 weeks left in the regular season to give some nagging wear and tear type injuries a chance to heal up a bit getting ready for the drive to the play-offs. Much like many teams rest their key players in their last game or two if their particular play-off position is set.

And where are you coming up with 'the Ti-Cats are taking two bye weeks' in July in August? The Cats bye weeks as shown on that graphic posted earlier is between July 23 - August 3 and then between the October 1 and October 14 games for their second bye week.. Perfect timing for that one IMO.

yea I misread that, only one bye in the July/Aug period but i don't think the schedule is that bad.