No hocus pocus, just focus!

Going into the home stretch behind Ottawa by a game. I like our team’s chances of finishing first.

We need a slogan or catch phrase to rally the players. Any good ideas?

Thread title stolen from Walt Frazier.

Don’t have any good ideas, JUST WIN OUT!

Got a few. Some are very inspiring:

“We will stink without Sink”

“Fire those old bones of coach Jones”

“We are nothing but bottom feeders without our beloved cheerleaders”

“If you don’t think that the team is mediocre, you are nothing but a joker”

“9 -9 is just fine”

“Don’t allow a hard sack because we don’t have a backup quarterback”

“We need another rant, that the team needs to sign Bakari Grant”

“We are big believers, that we need more receivers”

“Why did we choose, to trade Charleston Hughes”

“Because we traded up to get Chapman someone in management should be fired, I am not even sure why they were hired”

and finally


Since the playoffs are almost here:

“Win your last game and you are champions”.

I can’t see it being used unless we sweep the RedBums this month. If that happens, well all bets are off.

We don’t want a semi and that’s final!