No Hitch or Morreale on top 50?

I think it is a real slap in the face of our organization and to these two individuals to be left off the list. All the hits that Hitch has had? Come on!! Once again the cats get the shaft.

come on top 50 players of all time??

come on now...maybe top 50 Hamilton Tiger Cats,but NO WAY top 50 CFL greatest.

Defensive players will have a hard time making the list . Hitchcock will go down as the best saftey ever for the Tiger Cats and that`s saying something right there !!!!

Oh come on, why not let pickup2 feel aggrieved for a little while? It's no different from those who believe the referees are uniformly and perpetually biased against the Ticats, year in and year out.

(And if you're like my father, you think the reason is that they're still trying to even the score for not calling Angelo Mosca's late hit on Willie Fleming in the 1964 Grey Cup.)

You’re trying to tell me that Rob Hitchcock was a better safety than Garney Henley!!! Hey Rob’s a great guy, laid the lumber with the best of them, and a great team player. But he’s not even in the same league as number 26 and he’d be the first to tell you that.

I thought a few more Tiger-Cat corners would be on there.

I was really surprised to see Clifford Ivory and Orlando Steinauer not even on the list of potentials.

Ya i will say he was better than Henley as a safety . Garney played mostly as a reciever in his carreer . He was a much better reciever than safety although playing both ways is an incredible feat !!!!!!

Please folks… We’re talking top 50 here!!! Hitchcock and Morreale no more belong on the list than do Clifford Ivory or Orlondo Steinauer. In a given season, they might’ve been top 50 players for that year but all-time…?

I’m sorry, but I saw Henley in his prime. Hitchcock would not have been able to take Henley’s spot in the line-up.

An Argo fan

Not true. He set the CFL career record for interceptions (later broken by Highbaugh). In his last couple of years Garney played more as a receiver. Prior to that he was safety full time and a very part time receiver.

What late hit? Big Ange's momentum carried him out of bounds!!! lol

You have your opinion I have mine , maybe cause your older you think the p;ayers from that era are better I dont know but Hitchcock could play . He went for the hit more often than the ball and that`s just another way to play the position .

Now do I think he is in the top 50 of all time ?? NO I dont , Garney may make it because he played both ways .

Habman I respect your opinion. Don't agree but that's cool. My only point the second time around is that Garney was primarily a defensive player. For those of us who watched those teams, he will always be special. Truth is I believe he may well have been the best player ever to wear the balck and gold. That's not taking anything away from Hitch. They also played in different era's, where the style of play is a little different.

I just thought that with the way that Hitchcock and Morreale played tonight, this thread deserves a bump. While I don't think either player is one of the 50 best of all-time, maybe we'll see TSN and the CFL come up rank the top 50 Canadian players of all-time. Then we might possibly see them on that kind of list.

Morreale??? 500 career catches? Please.

Hitchcock? No.

Love 'em both (though I am a reformed Morreale hater), but neither belong on the list of 185.

Best TiCat safety ever...Paul Bennett...hands down.

Garney Henley won't be on the list because he played both ways..he'll be on the list (probably top 10), because he was dominant...everywhere he played.