No Heart.....

Okay wtf is up.....I have been doing my best to stir up schlit around here lately but it just isnt working......what has happened....we used to love to smack each other around on here....have we become sedate like an old married couple who just know each other too well......cmon people, the season starts tomorrow.....let this be the bashing post.....I will start it off......the Als will be without 9 starters in their line up (all out with injury because the Bombers physically punished them in the preseason)when they open it up tomorrow in that little schlit can they call a stadium....I fully expect more of the same......Als players will be carted off the field on stretchers on a regular basis tomorrow night.....and that Montreal defence....what the heck is that...rookies on the corners....Stegal, Brazzel, AJ3, Thurman, McCord, Stoddard....these guys are licking their chops....and rooks at linebacker....Roberts cant wait.....gonna be a long night Als fans.....

7 starters

7 starters missing? I would say, Pigseye ,that might make it a little more even for the bombers but they will still lose by 10 pts or more… Winnipeg coudnt do anything against Montreal 2nd and 3rd stringers, so what makes you think that they will do better against the starters? If I were Don Matthews , I’d be more worried of my team playing to their opponent’s level…

Piggy. We can't bash the Bombers. Hope is all they have. You'll drive yourself into a hole fast enough, it's not like we have to smack you on top of it.

For your info, of all our injured starters, Mathieu Proulx, Davis Sanchez, Clinton Wayne, Sylvain Girard and Ezra Landry got injured last winter; Etienne Boulay, Kai Ellis, Paul Archer and Mike Vilimek got injured in training camp. Dave Stala, I don't know when he got hurt. But that leaves only Truluck and Cobourne that COULD have been injured by the O-so-mean Bombers.

Hey, if you want to make bets before the game starts, lets' play "How many drops by Quentin McCord?" I say four... You?...

Pigseye let me go on record by stating pigs will fly first, no pun intended, before the BB have a chance in winning against the Als.
Even though this year has the making of being the most competative league in recent memory and with no clear cut favourite, one thing is for sure and all of the "experts" that I have read agree on one thing. The Peg will finish last in the "east" and are a work in progress.
Your team is missing the key ingridient, a starting QB. Until this is addressed, sorry.

a pulse......third we will keep track of how many McCord drops and how many Watkins drops......Sambo, the spread is already 9.5 so I would have to think the odds makers already know about the injured starters (7 btw thanks Ro).....I will make only one statement and that being that I dont believe the Als will cover the spread......

...ALS are getting a little edgey....had to sign a Bomber cut (MENNIE)...seems they're scratching around in a nervous state with a few of their regs out.....and why pray tell me do people put so much stock in pre-season...the real bullets fly tonight and this time we brought all of our guns...bring it on..

We beat the Als last season with a worse team, very possible it will happen again tonight...

We will beat the Al's at least once this season, but I don't think it's going to be tonight.

I'm cheering for the Bombers, but I'm not putting my money on them, hope they prove me wrong though, cuz I hate it when I'm right.

Sry, PE, but I don't trash talk, unless somebody ticks me off.

79 Habs would have massacred the 79 Jets-- just like the Als will do to the bombers tonight....

JC, Sambo, you had to bring it up again didn't you.

"Hull scores the last short handed goal of the game in OT, to win the last hockey bowl for the Jets, for Winnipeg, and for the WHA"

and considering that Winnipeg gets oh so close but gets beat but Montreal in the last bowls, them winning the last is one of the greatest imaginary plots in sports history. peroid, end of discussion.

Now where were we? ah yes, Thrash talking either the Bombers or Al's.

Oh, that is very possible. But not covering the spread is the least of my concerns. I don’t gamble on games. The Als can win by 1 if they want and I’ll be happy with it. Of course, I guess coming so close would be a moral victory for Bombers too.

Tell me, when you are so used to losing and losing big, a moral victory must almost feels like a true victory, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t know, because… you know… my team wins for real.

Oh, and by the way Piggy, you seem to put a lot of emphasis on the point spread and on the fact we miss 9 guys due to injuries...

So tell me. How does it feel to know the team decimated by injuries is still favoured by two scores over your squad? Can you imagine what that spread would have been had we had all of our starters?... :wink:

We beat the spread!

Montreal 27, Winnipeg 17.

Well so much for the start of another season for the Bombers! But again it will take them time. AJ was a disappointment in my opinion. I guess his new name could be Flight to no where!

RW2k, rum it in when you own team beats the Bombers, m'k?

I am not rumming it in! Again remove your foot and re insert!

You play the ARGOS next in WINNIPEG. :thup:


So much for a first statement ! Wait to see the spread when our starters get off the injury list, buddy !