No Guns N Roses at THF

When is THF going to get a big name concert?

Seems GNR are doing a CFL stadium run in 2017.

August 21 – Ottawa, ON @ TD Place Stadium
August 24 – Winnipeg, MB @ Investors Group Field
August 27 – Regina, SK @ New Mosaic Stadium at Evraz Place
August 30 – Edmonton, AB @ Commonwealth Stadium
September 1 – Vancouver, BC @ BC Place Stadium

They also added Montreal on the weekend. So they are still adding dates. Not sure that's the bunch you want to bring in your stadium but could still happen.

No way, we're can't have another Pink Floyd debacle :smiley:

we'll bring in county and kids pop music....

hamilton at its finest!

Their too old to f*** things up, and so are the majority of their fans. :lol:

They’re playing in Buffalo which counts out Hamilton.

DAVIDC is bang on. Its Buffalo's gig. Which raises the broader question of, and it has been briefly discussed on these threads before, Why are the Cats not exercising their option to hold up to 4 events a year. From people "in the biz" I have heard 2 major acts kicked the tires of using THF but were shot down. I dont deserve an answer why but I think STH do'

In fact, if I knew I could get good seats to premier acts, I might decide to buy seasons again. Over to you...mgmt

Maybe they have done the research and the maximum numbers that could go to a GNR type concert would be around 16k and that can be handled easily at the FirstOntario Centre. I think it was the Paul McCartney concert that attracted 36,000 back in July to the FirstOntario Centre.
I wonder if they have noise restrictions at THF that would prevent loud concerts.

That would be my assumption since its in a residential neighbourhood.

My wife and I saw Keith Urban at THF. It was a great show, and the stadium worked well for the show they put on. We've been looking forward to more events like it, but have been greatly disappointed by the lack of events. For the money that was paid out for the Stadium, its a shame that it only has 10 guaranteed events per year.

16,000 at THF???

Other Stadiums of our size are getting 30-40 thousand for major concerts.

Maybe the Wiggles are around, or we can go back to Matt Green's Movie Nights.

Again the brains of the city I won't even start on the stadium debacle ... We got a brand new stadium built for the team and they won't take there blinders off

So, just for clarity, Paul McCartney drew approximately 15,000 to a sold out FOC. Average attendance for the configuration used. And Keith Urban drew more than 20,000 in a partially closed and unfinished stadium.

Tim Horton's Field has a lot of competition in the region for stadium sized events, especially considering that there are not many stadium sized events around. Rock shows are usually scaled to arenas, not stadiums. FOC is a great venue for those and does well at hosting them, expecting more than one event at THF every couple of years is probably expecting a little too much.

One day, the people of Hamilton (& area) must come to the realization that until they change those in their municipal governing body with their 1970's thinking, the city will continue to struggle. The other struggle is that many of the city residents have somewhat caviar thoughts & wants but don't want to pay out the $.
It's soooooooooo true & to debate the fact is painful.

As they say, the truth hurts.


The stadium has no noise restrictions, they are exempt under the bylaw, however i am sure any concerts would garner many phone calls to City Hall, however as the City is pursuing a Music City strategy some good advice would be to call the councilors and Mayor after any concert and tell them how awesome a time was had, this tactic is being used in Toronto for concerts in the downtown and Queen's Quay areas, Phone calls for the good outweighing the complainers ensures more shows- politicians react to what they are hearing, good reviews outweighing the bad.

Another problem with Hamilton concerts is that Livenation in conjunction with Global Spectrum books First Ontario Place (owned by City) and the Molson Amphitheatre (owned by Province), most major acts use Livenation for touring, they are going to book acts into their venues, thus most summer shows would be booked at the Amphitheatre in Toronto. If City used Livenation for Tim Horton's Livenation would be competing against themselves- Toronto vs Hamilton- Hamilton usually loses out to Toronto ($$$$$$) in that scenario

DavidC and jgdss. Nothing like setting the bar low eh.

I would expect everything possible to be done to fill as many dates in that stadium with paying events to mitigate our taxpayers loss. Mayor Fred sold out our interests by having the stadium in the wrong spot, just watch what happens with LRT - let the discussion begin.

I don't think I'm setting the bar low, I think I'm just being realistic. If Hamilton was anywhere else but in Toronto's shadow, I'm certain things would be different. But we are and so it's not ....

And Mayor Fred wasn't the reason THF ended up where it did.

G n R is going to get a heck of a lot more than 16,000 they are an AC/DC type act they would fill THF if they staged it there . You need a stadium promoter to bring in acts to an open stadium . You will be limited but G n R is exactly the act that THF should have at an open air stadium in the warm months . Remember there is no refund rain or shine .

Surprised they didn't try more Country acts / Folk and have a Summer Series that's how many sites fill up their calendar .

A good old fashioned Rock act is good for one maybe two in the Summer tops .

I thought the Paul McCartney was two shows - an afternoon and and an evening, that's why I said 36k.

He's 74 years young and played 39 songs that night. I'm not sure a 20 year old could do 2 shows in a night....LOL!

You may be thinking of Garth Brooks earlier this year who played multiple shows with a matinee?

Garth played 5 shows over 4 days. Two evening shows back to back one night which caused utter chaos in my neighbourhood two blocks from FOC. People arriving for the late show had nowhere to park until those for the early show left and it was sheer gridlock for blocks every direction downtown for a couple of hours that night.