With the recent signing of another Canadian reciever this makes me believe that this years training camp will be a competetive one and in my opinion there is only one guarantee for sure on the roster come July and that is Bowman. As it stands today we have the following on the roster coming to TC and that is:

NI - Hargreaves, Ralph, Arthur, Svec, McHenry all have good size with the exception of Svec at 5-11 187 LBS, experience may play against Ralph and he may be moved before TC, anything can happen in the CFL and this only includes the Canadian Talent, if we include the imports we have the following nine on the roster with Bowman being the only guarantee in my opinion and also does not include the possibility of Titus Ryan returning. I am super excited and cannot wait for camp to begin.

Bowman, Edwards, Ralph, Hargreaves are returning but will be in tough with the likes of Hall, Marshall, Arthur, Svec and McHenry (possibly Titus Ryan), very talented bunch but NOT ALL will be on the roster come July and we may see a couple more signings b4 TC, let's get TC underway already, been a long boring Winter and the 2010 Season TC cannot come soon enough. This will be an exciting and competetive group come TC and i am looking forward to it!! :rockin:

I am going out on a limb here and saying we may be in for a few surprises come opening day and also i will say that Ralph and/or Edwards may be moved prior to TC or may be beaten out by younger guys if they are here at camp!! :cowboy:

Oh yeah forgot to mention that i expect trollers and/or wannabe Bomber fans to reply by saying we need a QB to get the ball to these reciever's. I will say this now, we have got a young group of reciever's and QB'S and each will compliment each other come July, we will field a solid and competetive team this season and this years version of the Blue Bombers remind me of the 2009 Riders with good young QB'S and Reciever's at TC, remember The Riders were pretty much written off with Durant and Co. with LITTLE experience and a young group of reciever's (mostly unknown) such as Bagg surprising alot of fans last season, write us off if you want, but this is the CFL and with the right player's under the right system like the 2009 version of The Riders, we will surprise many!!

i have to disagree with getting rid of one of ralph or edwards… the only way these guys arent on the team this year is if our off season signings beat them out and i highly doubt that.

i hope people say that man. love it, imho, when a "fan" from another team comes in and rips on your team, our team :slight_smile: the bombers, makes me think that maybe they are a little scared, not sure, who knows. for as bad as we were last year, we win that last game and we are in the playoffs.. surely we can only improve on that.

Pretty sure Edwards will have a spot

I think if Titus returns we will have a solid group of recievers....

Bowman, Edwards, Arthur, Ryan, and one of....


will probably be our starting group... with Hargraves subbing in for Arthur once in a while

Looks pretty good to me, not bad by any means... I think if our QB position is finally figured out... this group will probably prove to be one of the better groups in the league.

Arthur is a big question mark. Coming off surgery, with zero pro ball experience. Pencilling him in as a starter is premature.

I wouldn't be doing that without reason Onintwo

First, I was listening to Dougs radio show when he had John Murphy on there...

Apparently, according to murphy, who was with Calgary at the time they landed arthur... they had Arthur pencilled in as a starter over the likes of Thelwell... he was a "projected" starter if you want to here it in Murphs terms

however arthur was injured and missed out. He thought that Landing Arthur was the biggest part of our trade with calgary which we also landed Titus Ryan and Odell Willis...

He also said that he believes the best player we got out of that deal has yet to step on the field...

Pretty strong words from who I think is an increadible judge of Talent

The kid hasn't even caught a pass yet, and he's the next Ben Cahoon.

Optimism abounds in Bomberville.

....Now c'mon two and out....where would anybody be without optimism....surely you must have a 'shred' of it in the hammer :wink:

Speaking of recievers Papa, any word on how that Tomlinson Fellow is doing at the tryout camps?

....there's very little news coming out of the 'look-see' melee....I would think some sort of info. will be released shortly... :roll:

More Sarcasm.... and Hamilton has the best reciever`s in the league right :roll:

Please on in two give the trashing and trolling a rest already!!

Twosie makes a good punching bag though, I like his stuff. :smiley:

i give us bomber fans a lot of credit for our optimism, shows there is a good core of devoted fans that want this team to succeed, and we like to hear our team is bringing bodies in to compete and make us better.. they may not pan out, we may not have a good year, but noone can predict that...

back to receiving situation, i think this group is one more decent import away from being a pretty good group. lots of canadian depth now, bowman if he gets a little more consistent could be dominant, edwards is a good veteran, this hall is an interesting addition and could make an impact... im also hoping ryan returns.. there will still be a few more wrs brought in... im really not worried about this group :thup:

no because regardless of what tsn tells you and would lead you to beleive, ben cahoon is not actually canadian. HE WASNT BORN IN CANADA where as arthur was...

check it out.. born in UTAH.. why is he considered canadian? cuz he what spent 5 years of his childhood here or what? cuz the guy is AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE.

D'ya think those are grounds for imprisonment?