No Grey Cup Thread?

Only if the Riders win it...

well I can certainly say this game does NOT have the dramatics of the 89 GC.. that much is for sure

that was a FANTUZSTIC effort by Andy… Riders open it up a bit!!

Absolutely. But if it is even close to being as good as the one in '89, it'll be considered a great one.

And yes, Fantuz will likely be this game's outstanding Canadian.

My vote for Johnson for Warrior of the Game!

No argument here.. he;s having a great game!

Uhoh.. that was a BAD call by Austin to concede there... makes it a 1 score game!!

Get your vote in!

I think thatKent is thinking that his D has got some form of control; that his O has more potential to move the ball, and run out the clock. An he has the better kicker...its always a crapshoot!

Chick is having a great game too

Looks like they got out of ok tho

Ohoh.. dynamics changing

Sorry, thats fumbled by contact with the ground...Rider Ball, 3rd down...

easily rider ball

1:21 this exciting enough?

Johnson is a lock for Warrior of the Game...

Johnson is my vote for MVP

Great Job Riders.. congrats to all Rider Fans!

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, 2007 Grey Cup Champions.

And credit should go to the Bombers for refusing to lose. But the question that I thought would be asked needs to be asked: What if Glenn were not injured?

1989 was a long time ago...and they had to really work for it. Great game!