No Grey Cup Thread?

5-0 Winnipeg. Neither team doing much on offence.

it's a rather boring game IMO...

There does not seem to be much interest in this game, and I did not think there would be. That's one reason I did not set up a game thread for this one. And a reason there isn't as much interest as usual is probably because with a certain MOP nominee not playing, this would not be expected to be a good game. And that is a reason I did not go this game.

Both teams offenses are struggling as it's 7-0 Winnipeg. Four of those 7 'Peg points are from safeties conceded by Boreham.

C'mon BYF!

This is a really good game! Guys are going out and leaving it out on the field, Grandaddy Stegall included!

10-7 Riders at the Half...and KJ starting to find his guys...

C'mon Lifter!

What game are you watching? A measly 17 points at the half! Hardly a poster game for the CFL, and the style of play we love.

PREDICTION... This game will never be shown as a segment on 'CFL Classics'.

KJ is just getting on his game, Wilf, and Richie Hall us quickly unravelling Dinwiddie's game plan...look for the Riders to break it open in the second! Pity Flick missed that first deep toss to start the game...that would have been more to both our liking!

Dinwiddie's 'game plan' is simple. Get the ball to Roberts or Stegall, then duck and cross your fingers.
I do hope somebody breaks it open in the second half. The folks in the stands aren't getting their money's worth yet.

Cheers, my friend...

Joseph did look better on that last drive as they were finally getting some passing yards there. And once there are fewer overthrows and dropped passes by Riders, this game could become one-sided in Riders favour. And Riders sure have been watching Roberts and Stegall, knowing how dependent on them they are.

Anyway, I'd say that halftime show was not bad. For those wanting Canadian content on the Grey Cup halftime show, Lenny Kravitz did play a song written by a few people from Winnipeg. And he pointed out that the keyboard players was from that same city.

Well, Joseph was handed a gem of field position and could do nothing with it... wtf is wrong with him.. the longer they keep the Bombers in the game the more chance the Riders have of losing this game!!


Dinwiddie fumbled, Riders recovered and only got field goal out of it. But then Diniwddie redeemed himself with TD pass.

This game is getting better.

We all knew that with Kevein Glen being injured, that this game would be horribly “defensive”, but even so, this is pretty exciting!

Bad spot against the Riders.. Joseph hit the 10 yard line easily!

This should be ovetruned!! 1st down riders!

I think you are right

GREAT job on the review. .woulda been sad to see that not overturned

wow.. Berry's shooting himself in the foot... what a STUPID call to challenge a challenge.. BAD move Berry!!!

Hmmmm...bad call by Berry as HC...wasn't Taaffe and Berry on the same sort of school?

Yeah, was it not made very clear to coaches that challenging what cannot be challenged would lead to penalty? And it it not obvious you can't challenge what has been challenged? It was already reviewed. Fortunately for him, Bomber D limited Riders to FG.

16-14 Riders. The game is getting much better, IMHO.

It might even be considered a good game by the end of the 4th Q