Hello all CFLFANS...
Am I the only fan upset that there isn't a Grey Cup Parade???
Im pumped and ready for Grey Cup 07, personally I think the Grey Cup planning committee has done a fairly good job, at creating additional interest, selling tickets, and include the Vanier Cup. But they've missed the "boat" on not having a parade, Toronto is essentially the big apple of Canada, no matter what the reason is, weather the city of Toronto and the planning committee failed to come to terms... is a poor excuse to me. The last time we didn't have a parade was in Ottawa... and the fans were upset then, now we're in Toronto and combine that with the Santa Clause parade AND the Vanier cup... WOW it could have been the biggest parade Canada has ever seen. I hope fans complain to the Grey Cup 07 and the CFL. This is an important event leading up to the Grey Cup and shouldn't be over looked.

Maybe TO doesn't think it's big league or american enough to hold a parade.

Like the Yankees never have parades...

In 1989 the parade in TO s.ucked.
I'm gonna guess maybe 10,000 fans came out to watch?
Not saying it would be the same this year, but....

Don't worry we'll be having a parade in Vancouver the weekend after greycup!!!

you couldnt have been set up better if you did it yourself thedan8. lol

Toronto's more into gay parades now a days.

Hate to say it, but if this were the Super Bowl, wouldn't you think Toronto would have a parade??? :roll:

I heard their really into the Homosexual thing out that way as well.

If Toronto fans should band together and put serious preasure on the mayor to make this parade happen, and make it be the best ever.

The only parade in Toronto will be to celebrate the Argos winning the Grey Cup!

The Grey Cup Parade is a tradition! Trust the centre of the universe :wink:to eliminate it. Not sure who has the game next year, but bet they have it!

Montreal next year.

I never go to the Parade anyways, There is usually something better to do. Thats just m though, I don't have kids and such. They should have it though. I know my Aunt will be disapointed, she is always in the Calgary procession.

I think it sucks that there is no parade. I went to the parade in b.c. and loved it.. winnipeg rules

The GC committe in Toronto had a pretty hard job to sell the game in a city where most of the media looks down on the CFL, and they did a good job of it.

Most likely they decided the city wasn't interested in a parade, and the money could be better spent on other types of activities instead.

Breaking with tradition is bound to upset people, but I think they're right on the mark. A poorly attended parade is a bad idea, and how many people in Toronto are actually going to show up to a parade that isn't the Santa Claus Parade in November?

At least they have a bunch of events surrounding the Grey Cup. In Ottawa they didn't have a parade or any events to go along with it. Probably the worst Grey Cup celebration ever. Especially considering Watters took off right after.

When the GC was in hamilton last time, they didn't have a separate GC parade but rather tagged along with the Christmas parade with some CFL floats and stuff, it worked out fine.
A separate GC parade may not be for every city, nothing wrong with that if the organizers don't feel it will work out in that city.

...the one in Winnipeg was great last year...i think it lends a great deal to the atmosphere surrounding the Cup game....too bad the people in T.O. don't see it that way....(IF only the people in Peg shared that same enthusiasm for a new facility as they did for the parade...the work on the new stadium would have already started...sorry another topic) :wink:

Come to think of it, they didn't do a parade the last time the GC was in Toronto back in '92 either. Now I don't know if it's because of the Santa Claus Parade, which happens to fall on the same day as the East Final this year (those going to the game, gauge your commute), but the Parade is one of the best parts of GC Week.

Hell, I still remember the one in Winnipeg back in '91 where some buddies of mine got hammered at the Spirit of Edmonton breakfast before hand, went to the parade, and drunkenly stammered the then Argos theme song (The Argonaut Twist) live on CBC.