The last time the GREY Cup was played in Toronto the "city fathers" said that we couldn't have a GREY CUP PARADE....they wouldn't issue a "permit" because there were too many parades and the cost of policing etc. would make it prohibitive. A bunch of us got together and "spread the word" that we were going to have a parade anyway. It was pointed out to us though..."wink wink" that we could "parade/protest" without a permit!


We had a lot of fun and about 3000 people showed up to march around the Skydome...the police looked the other way to some of the "antics"...they stopped traffic for us to cross streets etc...we even had a couple of marching bands. It was a lot of fun and nobody got rowdy or arrested! It was seen on TV across the country.


All we need to do is "spread the word" at the many events that are going on and agree to meet somewhere near the Skydome at an agreed time. Who is in?

So for the 100th Grey Cup there is no "official" parade again? :roll:

No Grey Cup parade - No other parades period. No that won't work becuase the city fathers will alow the special interest groups to have their parades. Why don't they city fathers or the school books take the bible out of school. What an absolute pile of bovine skitology (sp) I guess someone is afraid they might offend who was not born or raised in Canada?????

Haven't you heard about the Fan Parade March passing the Grey Cup itself from fan to fan (like a torch run) before the game?

The details are here and here, but in summary

"On Grey Cup Sunday, the festivities at Varsity Stadium will kick off at 12:30 p.m. with the Sun Life Grey Cup Fan March leaving the Stadium at 1:45 p.m. Thanks to Sun Life, there will be entertainment and marching bands, mascots, cheerleaders and a whole lot of fun throughout the March, which will be featured on TSN's game day coverage and hosted by TSN's Cabral 'Cabbie' Richards. The March will end on Front Street to join the pre-game celebrations at the TELUS Street Festival.

Imagine a Canadian Football Hall of Famer, like Warren Moon, handing the cup to your son or daughter and watching their eyes light up as they touch this iconic piece of Canadian history.

To get a chance to carry the Grey Cup, you must be present at one of the March pep rallies or be part of the Sun Life Grey Cup Fan March itself as it makes its way to the stadium. March organizers will be in the crowds and at the pep rallies looking for fans that embody the spirit of our league and are showing their passion for the game to carry the Grey Cup."

Let's hope it doesn't get too slippery, as the Grey Cup ilooks plenty battered already.

Oskee Wee Wee

As nice as it is to see the CFL and Argos trending on Twitter, I almost hope if they win that they don't plan any victory parades or anything. I think it could be embarrassing to have such small crowds. Just celebrate it the night of if they win and leave it at that.

As for the march to the stadium, we wont be participating, we will be taking in the other festivities, but I bet there will be way more then 3000 fans for that, but I could be wrong if the weather is bad.

The Sun Life Fan March is not a GREY CUP PARADE. "Wildcats" had it right...that's why we were told...go with a Protest/Parade and you won't require a permit!

The people who showed up for that "Parade" heard about it the morning of or the night before because it was just a few of us who decided to "spread the word" after consuming a few at "Spirit of Edmonton".

Rest assured...we will have a "Parade" and it will be fun and something that everyone who participates will remember fondly in years to come!

"GREYCUPGARRY"...RIP...we will salute you this weekend.

I'm doing the Varsity to RC "parade" "march" whatever it is and I don't want any cheesy floats or "Santa" thingies. Really. :? :? :? The Grey Cup IS that, meaning it doesn't need anything, anything at all to be who we are as Canadians, true and true, through and through.

Yes woody, I'm an introvert, well went to a Nick Drake tribute concert this weekend (Kevin Kane and Old Susanna - thank you!!! and others!!!) at an old Hamilton downtown church, amazing, and, as Nick Drakeh as passed on, so Grey Cup Garry, wished I met him, RIP GCP with NIck. Ron Lancaster et al. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Those that have passed on I find leave us with so much more to make our lives more meaningful in so many ways. Ok, cried on Saturday night and close to that now. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

But so happy as well we have our country and such a great trophy, iconic as iconic gets, in Lord Grey's mug. :thup: