No Grey Cup appearance with that d'

....Bolden goes out d' is done....and doesn't look like he'll be back anytime soon the way he left....this team is going to get caught by T.O. with the kind of play by the Bombers defence ....too bad we keep falling apart in the stretch....You have to really wonder what the hell is going on when you keep fielding a hopeless secondary like to admit though down-field tackling was better on punt returns ..... Glenn had a fairly good game....otherwise i don't see a Grey Cup contender this game... :roll: :thdn:

thats a sad way to have to put it but they say the truth hurts.
if one player goes down the whole team falls,if this is true then it's the fault of the coaching staff for not having the team ready. last year glen / stegall go down the team sucked, now whats going to happen. we are at the door way but can not slam it shut to host the east final,the way things are going we just might have to play on the road during the play offs .
say this is not so.

u said it papa the d is looking pathetic right now, Taman has done a great job putting names on this team and Berry and his staff can;t do what they need to. my blue bombers are turning into the blue blunders once again. Come on boys we are so close.

defence for some reason never could get it together like the begining of the season in 06, no matter what names were added to it

offence is just like the defence of 06, starts out as the best in the league in so many areas its seems its to good to be true, and then it shows that it was in fact to good to be true.... and dies out further down the stretch

special teams were just a mess all year

we started the marathon out far to fast and couldnt keep the pace till the end IMO

I say one poor game, yes but they’ll get more pressure and cause everyone problems from now on. Grey Cup winners don’t always have great games in the regular season. I still think the parts will come together and make a superb run.

Ponder this? Maybe, instead of the traditional thinking that we started out great and are now tanking -- maybe we started out the same way we are playing, now and the other teams have just gotten better. Instead of improving, as they have, we've stayed the same. Not good!

I'd say no GC team with that effort. They still have the horses to make a run for it, but they have to be better.

The last 3 losses have been to very good teams, TO, BC and the Stamps, who played a little harder and deserved the win.

No need to wright these guys off just yet, they could be 3 points up again by the end of next week.

Calgary just came out more ready to play, they dominated along the line and when that happens you usually lose.

Marshall needs to dumb down his secondary defence, with all the bodies coming in and out, guys don't have time to learn the system and how to play together.

it’s a merry-go-round in the secondary…what the hell has happened to Bean…Hall and Malveaux didn’t look too bad at times …but they looked confused as well…Hebert is trying to do it all…this is just not working…I think Marshall better get these guys together and have a meeting and start laying down the law…i’d start out with’ “look you guys have to look in the mirror and ask yourself …are we giving a 100%…and why the hell are we throwing a Cup contender into the garbage heap” …that’s for starters…I listened to OB’ post-game show and Malveaux was on, suggesting there’s internal problems…especially with guys in the secondary…he wouldn’t name names…but what the hell is going on this late in the year, i have to wonder???personality conflicts…they better put that crap behind them and start playing football…there’s too much talent in the secondary…and they’re just not performing…whether it’s the schemes or personell …something has to change…or its so-long to a Cup appearance…i hope it starts with the Cal. re-match…or i think it could be sayanora… :roll: :?

I'm hesitant to post for fear of getting shot down again but what is happening here? We are still in first place so until that changes I say let hang on. If we get all of our injured back and still get smacked again then... We are missing two all-stars on O-line and Haywood on the Dline. Consider this:
-Burris probably had his best game this year
-Calgary would end up with7 guys on the O-line
-Consequently Burris had all day to pass
-That made our D stink and they did it good. We failed to adjust to the stacking of the O-line.

...i'd agree with you LeBird...and i'm trying to see things in a positive light....but you have to tell it like it is....I didn't like to hear from Malveaux that there is deeper problems than what the average fan knows...this is not good...IF, at this late date, they haven't got their act together as far as the personell on this team....and there is conflict...what gives....Get the unhappy people straightened out....geez how many times is this team going to go to the well, and come up empty...Berry better take this thing by the horns (lack of intensity and conflict) or its gonna be tough to win anything down the stretch...I'm really hoping this is a one-off and that the magic will return next game and we shellack the stumps....if not....its back to square one...a place where the Bomber faithful are sick and tired of going.....We should know Friday which way this team has decided to go...goBigBlue :thup: :rockin:

Hey Papa, I understand how you feel. I do not get a chance to go to the practices much and in my little world I surely do not see it all. I must admit I am not aware of all you know so can't comment on the state of the locker room. However, I'm very concerned about the way things have been going. Just when we had a chance to do it real good we go into the tank. Not like we have never been there before. Yes, Friday will be the test of the pudding. The best of luck to them.

no kidding, with some of the names we have on this team, and some of the promising rookies we should be a very good team

im sick and tired of the bombers getting my hopes up for a strong 12-6 season, and then flush it all down the fricken toilet when it matters most, when its cruch time

berry should be talking about winning his next three, not two of them. greg marshals scheme is really slipping... he was very good last year, i dont know what happend hear. and berry made a huge mistake hiring corey mcdirmid for special teams IMO.

im tired of these its not one thing its the other kind of seasons we always seem to have. and now it seems everythings just imploding

Are Defensive co-ordinator has gotta have nothing in his skull because any1 even a blind man could've coached the denfence better than he did last week, Like really u just had to listen Ralph with the reception 20 yrds down field 6 times and than he burns us on a reverse for 25 yrds. Umm hmmm umm someone get on him not that complicated.

And it seems Haywood is truely better than we all thought because no one is gettin any pressure on the QB and our D'line is just letting them make huge holes up the middle any running back will have a hay day.

Oh ya and i agree our Special Teams is not swell like do they not block at all the only blocks i see are illegal all they have to do is run in front of them especially with foster as long as u make a obstacle for them to run into he will do fine

Berry and Marshall arent swift enough in their coaching. I find it hard to believe the Stamps using 2 backs to block for Burris caaused them problems they werent aware . All they had to do was rush 2 linebackers and the safety. Ive seen his team fooled on fake punts and trick plays more then any one coach in one year. I dont think the coaching is good enough to win and Taman should know better even though he dont, that having a defensive minded coach cant be a head coach.I think an offensive coach would have been better.



wow, i think what your talking about is blind faith.... in my opinion, true fans are the ones that get frustrated but stick around and support the team, cuz it shows they care about the team enough to get upset with them

bandwagon jumpers arnt guys that get upset with the team and stick with them... bandwagon jumpers are guys that only follow the team when they are winning, and say they suck and dont care about them when they arnt

most of us are just expressing our frustrations.... dont make the mistake to think that im a bandwagon jumper

Agree james, you don't have to be blind to be a true fan (although some would have you believe that). There is nothing wrong with calling out players or coaches when a team is in a slump, more often than not, a change is needed to get them out of their rut.

They had a bad game on defence, it's an 18 game season, it's going to happen. The real test is how they respond now.

i think there's room for constructive criticism when it appears your team has sprung some leaks and want to point out what you think is the problem....hardly bandwagon jumping....nobody on here has the experience of a head-coach (at least i don't think Berry is on here) and their views are strictly 'armchair'....BUT i think its healthy discussion for the fans and gets out the frustrations when you see your team not doing as well as you hoped...It never crosses my mind to ever stop my support for the BluenGold...sooooo ..we will continue on ...looking for improvement and making suggestions...Just think IF the Bombers would have listened earlier, to some of the fans concerns on here about 'special teams' ...maybe it wouldn't have become the problem it is today...I guess Berry and company can't be botherd with our little site...then again maybe the coaches DO KNOW exactly what their weaknesses are...but have their hands tied to really correct them....don't know??????????anyway's hoping we beat the stumps on Fri...and finish this season off right... :wink: :thup: goBigBlue

When the season started I was wishing we would make the playoffs. Later, I was wishing we would be in first place. We made the playoffs so I'm good. If we make first place I'd be a lot better. I am not convinced the bombers (players) are as bad as they have shown. Decisions to kick into the wind on a third and one was not the players doing. Darcey is doing very well returning punts but tell him he can only go north and south and that might change his production. Failing to adjust to a seven men O-line was a huge error in game analysis. Listening to Berry lately seems to show a change in attitude. He seems to be rather dismissive of anything that is against his way of thinking. I really don't like to critizise the coach but he might want to remember he is not proven yet. After living through Joe Zaleski and John Schndeider this is fun sooooo all I say is Go Blue and please don't make me throw Keith at the TV.

I never called you a bandwagon jumper, and i criticize the BB'S as much as anyone. The comment was directed towrds a few people's comments that i read throughout our forum the past 3-4 weeeks. One guy was going to give up his season tickets, another 2 or 3 said they won't attend another Bomber game this year.

It is those people that are bandwagon jumpers, and we as TRUE BLUE fans, criticize 'YES' but we also go to every game, watch every game win or lose, we are the faithful and we DO NOT need those types of people posting crap like that on here. If i was gonna give up my season tix i would've done it in the Reinbold day's, never even crossed my mind.

We need to support the Bomber's regardless, and i will be the first sporting blue/gold all over in the playoffs and hopefully in the Big Smoke. No disrespect to anyone in this post intended, if that's the way i came across, i apologize. CHEERS!!

Go Blue