No Government Loan for CFL in 2021

If there is no CFL season, they are done as a league.

They can , by all means , merge with another failed league and fold for the 2nd time in 18 months.

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I would think the Government would/could be more open to help the League,
IF and it is a BIG IF!!
The privately owned teams opened their books to show exactly how destitute and in need they actually were.
We all know that is NOT going to happen


how do we know they won't or haven't opened their books.?

We don't...

They haven't until now.

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how do you know THAT or if they have even been asked?

I am pretty sure if they did open their books then the loan might have been considered.

IIRC, the league was never asked to open their books by the feds but they did supply whatever was asked of them.

They didn't get a loan because there was nothing that pre existed that would have helped the league last year.


From August last year


so you have no idea if your claim is correct then
c'mon guys lets at least TRY and be truthful. We need that in order for this forum to be trustworthy and not just internet junk.

I don't think MLSE, Bob Young, Calgary Sports and Entertainment, OSEG, Braleys estate and the new owners of MTL would open their books to secure a loan

I never said I was correct. Only owners know and should know about their books and they should look within as to why they weren't able to have a season when other leagues did.


then state THAT. State what we know or state what we THINK we know with that provisor.
Grover: Of course I believe that no lender would lend money to anybody who would not open the books if asked. Thats what I think I know.

Three of the teams books are open for anyone to see. You can see the operating costs for the 3 public teams and it's a lot of money. Good chance that the operating costs for the other 6 private teams would be similar.
The government finance committee had access to the public teams, everything was there. But the CFL couldn't provide answers as to where the loan money would go.
Then one of the committee members stated that the CFL should get a bank loan or loan from MLSE.

No sense complaining about $10 M to India or $100 M to Switch Health or money to Bombardier, Air Canada etc. The CFL is not going to get a bail out/loan etc from the government. It's dead, it's over, move on.
The CFL has to raise the money and solve their own problems


True enough.

It's up to the owners if they want to change.

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You got it ! :+1: Humanitarian aid and loans to the CFL are an apples and oranges argument . The federal government can and should do both .

Pat Lynch (the dude with many age rings )


Carr refuted the suggestion the CFL is an important part of the country’s tourism sector and any money for the league to operate would not come from those dollars.

But he hinted there could be, under the tourism file, federal money earmarked for festival activities in the week leading up to the championship Grey Cup game.

So no money to support the league, but if you make it to the Grey Cup we want in on the positive exposure.


I'm more confident there will be now given all that is going forward with plans despite full assurance.

And I agree, for I posted long ago that we are not waiting around after two seasons of no play.

And any appeal to any new and younger fans is going to be a very, very long while now.

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As have I Pat, I am just less of a hard azz and much better looking! :joy: