No Government Loan for CFL in 2021

So no other sports organizations use Tim Hortons Field ??? The Halifax stadium will host amateur sport competitions , concerts , etc. . The Maritime provinces deserve a modern regional sports facility . Government support for the arts and cultural activities is a good thing . Support for sport and recreation is no less important. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old person)


A small 20 k stadium for the province of NS should not have been this big of an issue . The simple set up of locker rooms , seats , concessions , field , parking etc is reasonable for the size of the province .

Having two teams as legacy tenants just makes it more compelling with the CPL and the CFL teams .

Getting the extra income of getting pro locker rooms , more boxes or other luxury items etc… for a pro team’s requirements could be borne on the one who benefits the most a pro team (s) .

But the basic set up would be beneficial for the entire province for any events in the future they want to host .

20 k outdoor stadium Seems reasonable for a population of nearly a million in NS in this day and age .


Plain and simple I hold the league responsible for their slow process and huge lack of communication. This to me is where the bush league colours start to appear. Just feels like they want to do a Hail Mary and hope. I think most fans, and more importantly all seasons ticket holders want to know what is happening. Honestly, I am tired of them hanging on to my money, it is better in my pocket than theirs.

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In that case, how about you create a “I hate everything about the CFL” site, and stay there?


Duder’ you have a real edge about you, yet I am not sure why. Why is this? Are you here just to catcall on people? People have opinions. time to relax or maybe consider trolling others somewhere else.

Sure it is in the owners’ interests to try to keep you invested. But I’m pretty sure you can ask the team for a refund at any time, they are not forcing us into anything.


Ontario golf courses are shut down but they have our membership money , already . Sounds familiar to me . :upside_down_face: I’d be surprised to see the City of Hamilton offer me a rebate . I believe the Caretaker will do the right thing for season ticket holders . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


I don’t belong to a country club, but we do know these folks have money and a whole lot of it, so I reckon they will make good and there better be a lot more free food and drink too as part of that make-good.

Happened to our fees in our Curling Club last spring, and again this fall, as well. Smaller amounts for sure, but just another causality of this dang-nab Virus.

Curlers now able to pay for partial season in instalments to mitigate losses. Maybe teams should offer same type of plan?

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“What’re we waiting for theses guys? Hey Whitey! Where’s your hat?”- Al Czervik- Caddyshack


Did you get a free bowl of soup with that hat ? Looks good on you , though . :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the aged dude)


Just for you Pat . :smiley: :golf: :womans_hat:


26 million rounds of golf were played in Ontario last year . Golf employs 110 000 people in Ontario at 800 locations . Last year the Covid protocols were strictly followed at the Hamilton municipal courses where I play .
City Counci decided that my family could stroll on the golf course, maintaining social distancing but we can’t play golf on it . :roll_eyes:

Much thanks to Garry McKay for his reporting in today’s sport pages in the Spectator .

Pat Lynch (thanks for nothing Dougy Ford and Fred Eisenberger)


DisplacedCatsFan has been on this site for over 10 years. I don’t think he’s trolling . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)


One of the originals, in fact. Going back to the first iteration of this board in 2005, I believe.

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Correct. The “original” board was one of my best links to home when I was deployed to the Golan Heights back then.


That’s our Sig.:blush:

And yet the govt has no problem sending $10 million tax payers dollars to India but won’t give the CFL a break?


Are you going to complain when the US sends us another load of vaccines? Sending a paltry $10 million to the Red Cross for what India is now going through is the least we can do.
I too think the government needs to somehow help the CFL…I really don’t think we’ll see fans in stadiums this year. I want the CFL back next year in full so whatever it takes by our Government to make sure it survives, I’m good with it.