No Government Loan for CFL in 2021

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Big surprise there.

Not sure why the CFL wasted another year chasing an interest free loan.

Should have planned for a September start with a December Grey Cup.

Or cancel the season and try again in 2022.

The haters are smiling and laughing at the CFL.

All of that goodwill up to 2019 wiped out because they never adjusted or grew more revenue to put themselves on some financial footing.

Who should be at fault if and when the CFL ends up not coming back.


I think the CFL can walk and chew gum at the same time, hence they did not “waste” another year.

The schedule they released is flexible enough to do this at any time. They are planning for any eventuality.

They would lose too many fans not to play in 2021 so that is not a realistic option.

What good will? How could they “gr(o)w more revenue”?

Why does it matter who is at fault, if the CFL folds? They would have still folded.


Not who’s at fault but what’s at fault . Blame the rotten virus ! Call me a half full beer mug kind of guy . I believe we’ll get a season in this year .

Pat Lynch (the old person)


I, too, believe we’ll get’r done. :+1:


I do not understand how we pour millions into stuff like Olympics for this year yet can not assist the CFL


Or lets give money away to special interest groups at home and abroad or pay people for being ‘sick’ so they can collect government (read yours and my taxes) instead of working?

Yeah, this is all about your taxes . :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)


I wrote my MP last year about this & the upshot is, they’re loathe to support private businesses owned by millionaires. While I understand that to a certain point, it fails to take into account the cultural importance of the CFL and Grey Cup, and the realities that if the league goes under, the facilities occupied by teams will be albatrosses around their municipalities’ necks, among other considerations.

It seems really short-sighted of the federal government to just not seem to care, but on the other hand, perhaps a low interest loan is the answer instead. While the privately owned teams have owners with deeper pockets, the community owned teams are in a different boat. Maybe the answer is a sliding scale of interest based on each owner’s ability to repay. However, in order to determine that, they’d have to open their books to the gov’t. Not sure how they feel about that.


As publicly owned franchises , the Bombers and the EEs have already shown their losses to the provinces and therefore the feds . The Bombers lost 7 million in 2020 . If 8 other teams had similar losses, then the league would need 63 "millionish" in loans or grants . We have approx. a population of 38 million people .
Surely , $1.63 from each and every Canadian wouldn't be too high a price to save a "cultural icon" such as the Canadian Football League . Federally , we are talking nickels and dimes , if only the politicians would show some backbone .

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian)


The Esks Bombers and Riders all have their books open for everyone to go through them. The three have similar operating expenses, therefore you can assume that operating expenses for the other 6 teams would be similar. Salary cap the same, the number of coaches the same and salaries the same, probably similar in ticketing/sales/marketing too. All receive the same cut of the TV contract.
The other 6 teams with similar ticket prices and lower attendance lower revenue.

But it comes down to the government stating that they will not bail out/loan money to professional sports. Then there is the elephant in the room the MLSE - how do they justify giving a handout when one of the teams is owned by one of the richest sports organizations in North American MLSE.
Last year the members of the finance committee said to Ambrosie “most of your teams were losing money before the pandemic”
A government bail out is not going to happen no matter how you work it out.
Just like people trying to justify public money for a stadium in Halifax - it’s not going to happen. The CFL has to solve it’s own problems the government is not going to do it


So Halifax doesn’t deserve the same govt. support as Edmonton , Calgary , Regina, Vancouver , Winnipeg , Toronto , Hamilton , Ottawa , and Montreal ?
Infrastructure projects with govt. money are needed to get people working again . This should happen . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch ( Hamilton deserved Tim Hortons Field)


It’s not government money, it’s taxpayers money. There is zero chance that Halifax spends federal infrastructure funds on a CFL stadium that will only be used 9 or 10 times a year. There are hundreds of other projects needed that would put people to work.
Leave CFL stadium funding to the private sector. The best example was OSEG in Ottawa, they worked with the city to re-build TD Place and the whole park there. BMO stadium in Toronto almost entirely funded by MLSE.


The stadium’s construction lasted about two and a half years, from October 1986 to May 1989. The approximate cost of construction was C$570 million ($1.02 billion in 2018 dollars) which was paid for by the federal government, Ontario provincial government, the City of Toronto, and a large consortium of corporations

Almost every Arena and Stadium in Canada is built with Government $$$$


Good luck trying to get any more public funding after this pandemic for a CFL stadium in Halifax. Times have changed. The city did earmark $20 Million for the site and prep for the new CFL stadium and that’s all they were going to get.
The only public money towards a new stadium I can see right now would be the new ball park in Montreal.

Agreed ^^ , perhaps some sort of land purchase break and road construction agreements

BMO was built by the city with the MLSE managing it.

If it was built by the MLSE then, the Argos wouldn’t be playing there at all.


BMO is owned and managed by the city, but it’s MLSE that put up most of the cost. They paid for the last expansion with the roof $120 MILLION, only $10 Million combined form the city, province and federal

The City of Toronto pumped in $ 10 million plus the feds in a city owned stadium. MLSE put $90 million in and received a lease till 2037 . It seems that 3 levels of govt. were involved in the stadium project .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)


Deliberate spreader of misinformation, or just hopelessly uninformed?

With a total costs of $62.9 million (all figures are in Canadian dollars) to build the stadium[22] ($72.8 million including the land), financial contributions came from multiple sources.[23] The Canadian Federal Government contributed $27 million, the Government of Ontario added an additional $8 million, and the City of Toronto paid $9.8 million and contributed the land for the project (valued at $10 million),[24][25] while retaining ownership of the stadium.[25] MLSE contributed $8 million towards construction costs and was responsible for any cost overruns.[25] In return, they got the management rights for the stadium.[26] MLSE committed to purchase a MLS soccer team to play in the stadium. The remaining funds came from MLSE, which paid $10 million for the naming rights of the stadium for the duration of the 20-year management agreement, which they later resold to the Bank of Montreal (BMO) for $27 million over the first 10 years.[25][27][28]

BMO Field - Wikipedia

If you’re keeping score, MLSE actually made a negative contribution (i.e. they siphoned away part of the funds contributed by government) for the initial build.

And then, just because MLSE is so honourable and upstanding:

The proposal approved by the City of Toronto was for a stadium that was “capable of a conversion to a football format.”[12][29] The Argonauts attempted to join the project at the last minute, but MLSE, citing budget and time limitations, constructed the stadium such that it could not fit a CFL field without demolition and reconstruction of the end zone stands.[29][30][31]