No go for JO JO?

What happend to JO JO, It looks to me like Tony isnt doing as well as he did, and Scott is sucking it up large

Maybe next time, Im sure its just giving him more fuel to burn....

I myself cannot figure out why our best reciever last game would not play in this game and mitchell play . It's not like he is making outstanding catches .Hey taffe you twit play jo jo

It's the Richie factor. Jojo and Richie have chemistry while Printers and Jojo do not.

LOL funny, thats not the case..

Printers and Joseph has a connection, its other powers at be made that call.

What I am saying is that Richie looks for Jojo so they put him on the field. Printers not so much, so they put the other receivers out there.

I frankly do not care about Casey's chemistry for Mitchell when Mitchell is effectively invisible out there. As head coach, one keeps his best receiver in the lineup REGARDLESS of the siutation and Walker has been the best IMHO by a significant margin.

That brings me to Earnest Jackson. Time to sit Mitchell and/or Rodriguez and give him a shot at earning a regular spot. Couldn't hurt at this point if Jackson is healthy.

Oski Wee Wee,

Chemistry? What does chemistry have to do with getting open, coming back to the QB when he's in trouble? Based on last game alone Walker should have been in the line-up.

Tony Miles Really only had 1 Catch

Jojo Should have played..

Do you really want to know what chemistry has to do with getting open? If a receiver has chemistry with the QB he knows where to go and run where the QB can see him. The QB also looks at the receiver and throws more balls at him. Just look at Ben Cahoon. He should never be open but because of his chemistry with Calvillo they know what each other is going to do which leads to big catches.

If the QB had more than 1 steamboat, he could look to find open guys.
That was a pathetic display of pass protection.

Ticats should have won that game even if they where short on chemistry or not. And the fact that there are to many coaches trying to coach and not the head coach is what hurt the chance of winning.
It suck not hearing or seeing JoJo not play but I understand why he didnt and in the end we will have the last laugh.