No gloating in Riders win - just pride in CFL game!

No gloating from Turkeybend today - just a humility about being Canadian and witnessing such a great game.

Canada Day- I went in the a.m. to community Canada Day stuff - pancake breakfast, parade, free concerts - beer gardens seeing neighbours , friends and feeling pretty good and lucky that I live in Canada. By late afternoon pumped about BEING CANADIAN AND the re-Match. It was surreal. By the end I just had this great feeling of pride of being Canadian, having an atmosphere like there was at Mosiac, and seeing enough highlights for a season wrapped up in one game. Two tremedous teams , one never giving up and showing great resilience and heart (even if we do not know how to count yet!!!) Montreal, led by you have to say one of the greatest qb’s ever, on the road, and taking advantage of every Rider miscue- (the sign of a great qb.) Then there was the catches by both teams- a highlight reel of impossible catches- Montreal’s on the two point conversation, Getlaff’s , Dressler’s, Cahoon’s , Fantuz, Bagg’s - I could go on and on. Then there was the atmosphere- seemingly every fan dressed in green and with some costume attire added- great spirit and pride.
Back to living in Canada. Here we are - privileged to be able to be more concerned about whether our football team does well not worrying about war around us, starvation and unequal distribution of wealth. Sure it is not perfect here but what we have is the envy of the world. So instead of gloating and extolling the virtues of my Riders - HAPPY CANADA DAY FOLKS- WE ARE INDEED A PRIVILEGED LOT!!! :cowboy: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

A win is a win, never had this much fun seeing my team lose a game :thup:


After what we witnessed on Canada Day, I don't think anyone will be gloating; there will be more tongue lashing than gloating...

i am fearful of both teams scoring ability... but also show the defence's have weakness.

I'm definitely not looking forward to facing them four times. Rob Bagg didn't seem to have any trouble getting behind the D, and we're down to one Safety. Our others are rookies. :lol: Our pass rush better have improved from last year. :lol:

Other than our offence intact and firing on all cylinders, and right with the pass rush it better be solid for 4 whole quarters so that on defence we can make Durant move out of the pocket and throw on the run at the very least.

Otherwise with Durant with time in the pocket as in the 2nd half with the Al's, we would be going into a shootout at best and will be toast if our offence is not playing 100% too as was that of the Al's.

Also I have no idea yet what to do to stop Durant when they are inside our 20 or so.

We'll get an idea of what needs to be refined after Sunday night against BC.

It seems they liked the game in the U.S, also, with two of the plays being selected for ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 Plays, and Green’s amazing catch being the No. 1 Top Play of the Day!

Nice! 2 plays from that game made the top 10 on ESPN

It usually takes till week 3 or 4 before defenses catch up to the offences. Makes for some, in the words of former Stampede Wrestling announcer Ed Whalen "Ring a ding dong dandies"!!

Remember Richie Hall was the premiere defensive guru before he became a HC. Be patient with him and your team will do just fine!!

The Eskimo had the Riders number last year much the way the Riders had Calgary's, hopefully it doesn't continue :wink: (The Eskimo part that is)