No Giguere This Season ??

8) According to Drew Edwards, this morning, Sam Giguere had a workout with the Bengals yesterday.
 A source told Edwards, not to expect to see Sam in a TiCat uniform this season !!

 Also, Bo Smith could be back in Hamilton shortly.

 Rick Zamparen just reported on CHML that it now appears that QB Buck Pierce is done for the season with that 
 dislocated elbow.

  Considering that it is Buck's passing arm, I certainly can see why !!

Oh god not Bo.Anyone but Bo.Hell, throw me a helmet and jersey and i'll do it, just please not Bo.....

8) Ha Ha, I knew that would be your response. :lol:
 I would definitely go with Will Hayward as the starting CB, to replace Bradley, for sure !!

Bo is horrible, I have no clue how he got invited to the Jets camp...
putting him on the field automatically makes our defense weaker.

as for Giguere I don't think he will stick with the Bengals so unless he has a backup plan I think there's a good chance we see him.

I say he joins us near the end of this off-season after Bauman refuses to re-sign and sprints to the Bombers TC.

It would really help out Sam for him to spend part of the season in Hamilton even if he is not going to dress. It would give hime a huge headstart at camp next year. He's just chasing shadows right now...

He kind of reminds you of The Lummer. :roll:


They have to get the big money thing out of their system, I can appreciate that, too much money if there is a chance for it I say.

CBC French radio reports Giguere failed his tryout with the Bengals... :wink:

He’s likely to spend the rest of the fall trying to get on somewhere. At best he’s forfething about 30k in salary at worse if the Ticats go all the way it could be more like 50 t0 70k and a ring. That’s not chump change for four months of football.

Has anyone heard any more about Giguere? He had his tryout with Cincinatti back on Sept 8th and was not offered a contract. It would sure be nice to get him into a Ticat uniform.

Last I heard, even if he doesn't or didn't sign with Cinnci, he wants to sit around and wait to see how injury situation's unfold and try to get another PR spot.

I can't blame him, but man would I like to see him in black and gold!

You can't blame the kid for chasing a dream, but after two years of the PR it's time to wake up.

The Bengals didn't want him.
I think hes just being stupid now, he has tried the nfl thing and nobody wants him. He is just getting rusty sitting around and most receivers don't have a very long shelf life.

Like Jesse he keeps chasing and chasing that elusive dream of landing a spot on an NFL practice roster, good luck to you Gigs. :thup:

It’s Sam’s life and he will come to the CFL when he is good and ready to.

Wow...really? I thought he had to do whatever we told him to. Huh.