No game next week. Tiger-Cats get their first bye.

Now that the team is officially eliminated, the Tiger-Cats get their first bye week.

This is good.

No really.

This isn;t our first bye week;we just played in the other ones :thdn:

Seeing as how we're FINISHED...does this become a BYE, BYE week?

I just hope they use the time to work some fresh faces into the lineup.

This is a joke.

Our first bye week is after 16 games??? think...IF this team made the play-offs, we'd also have a bye after game 18. IF we finished first...we'd have not played a game in over 3 weeks!!!

Excellent schedule making. :roll:

I'm looking forward to that bye as it will signal the end to another crappy, crappy Ticat season. Hopefully, they will use the time to get a head start on the 2007 season. Can't wait for the new head coach to come in and finally clean house!!!

At least they won't lose next week.

An Argo fan

That’s probably the thing that makes it worth it.