No Funners - "World Champion" Crap

We talk about this and it seems like every year when the Americans anoint their pro champs as the World best.
This is even more laughable when the No Funners do this as I have heard again was the case last night.
It seems we some of us here are not the only ones that take notice.
Today I heard how Pierse Morgan of CNN on his twitter said the same thing.
Now some are calling for him to be deported.
Truth hurts.

like any cfl team could have even come close to beating either team in this or any other yrs sb :roll:

try facing reality.

nobody can beat their best at their game.

and BTW, I had lots of fun watching yesterdays game.

feel sorry for those who deny themselves the pleasure.

very narrow minded are those who decide they can only enjoy one game or the other.

Well the Toronto Argonauts are the “World Champions” of Canadian football!!!

That is your opinion, based on no facts.
My opinion is how any CFL team is just as good as any NFL team.

Beauty. :thup:

Imagine if Usain Bolt was annointed Olympic Champion or World Champion just beacaus he won the Jamaican trials and didn't ahve to compete at the would be silly. So why is it okay in this context? Thankfully Stanley Cup champions aren't termed "World Champions"...

Some of us are very busy in real life and can only devote so much time to spectator sports. One 8-team league is about what I can manage.

Here's a "FACT" for you ... the CFL is full of players that could not make the NFL and were cut so they went north to play in the CFL .. with the fear by Canadians that the teams would do nothing but fill the rosters with Americans they created an "Import Rule" so the Canadians that don't measure up can still play the game ..

How many are on the rosters of the NFL that couldn't make the cut in the CFL ? hmmm

I do not remember hearing the term "World Champions" i didn't hear it in the broadcast down here and the numerous news broadcasters that had to report the game and aftermath. I did hear NFL champs and Superbowl Champs but i didn't hear World Champs ..

Here’s a “FACT” for you … the CFL is full of players that could not make the NFL and were cut so they went north to play in the CFL … with the fear by Canadians that the teams would do nothing but fill the rosters with Americans they created an “Import Rule” so the Canadians that don’t measure up can still play the game …

It wouldn’t be at all because someone thought along the way that by providing spots open for Canadians to play in a Canadian league that this might help develop amateur football more in Canada to give aspiring amateurs a chance to hone their skills even more by being the best they can be to play at a pro level in their own country and therefore become better than they ever could have if there were little chance of being able to do so. :wink:

But I know, some people out there still look at anything gridiron related as the NFL and if you aren’t able to make a team in that league, well, you just don’t “measure up”, period, no further explanations required. I thought those kind of people still lived in caves but I guess some actually have access to modern technology like computers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dawg, I know that’s not funny as I have no ability for humour but I like the laughie face nonetheless, ok?

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In the small picture to the left; I did hear this CBS commentator say to Joe Flacco holding the Vince Lombardi trophy; "How does it feel to be the World Champions of football." In essence it's irrelevant none the less. Congrats to Baltimore.

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Still live in caves?


I for 1 don't care what league is supposedly better I don't care who plays in what league or what flag is being waved or what city it's played in or anything like that.. If it entertains me i'll watch

But here you are trying to find another group of people to throw an insult at when YOU do the exact same thing but in the opposite way so instead of just throwing out blanket insults towards people and making yourself out to be a hypocrite why don't you just have your say ..the first paragraph in your post was enough without the constant insults


to answer your first paragraph ...

You have just said the same thing as i just said only you candy coated it to sound more pleasing to the canadian side

Gettin' a little riled up there eh dawg. I'll write what I want. If you don't like it bud, too f....n bad if you don't like what I write, that's YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE. Now, does that insult you buddy? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That's funny, eh dawg? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ...

You really don't think the champion from the Epl could not beat the Mls champ?

Next year listen for it, you will definitely hear the phrase World Champions.

No need to .. i watched the game .. watched numerous US news broadcasts that reported on the game for days after and seen articles in about 3 different Florida newspapers and one national paper .. i don't remember hearing or seeing it .. except on some guys blog that was posted here ..and if i heard it no big deal to me

But either way it doesn't bother me .. I don't care i like both games and will continue to enjoy both games and enjoy the fact that i don't have to feel the need to act like one is better than the other i just enjoy it for what it is and the point of who is better is just a non- ending verbal debate that will never end even if there was a Grey Cup Champ vs Superbowl Champ game to determine it all every year .. its all opinion based

....yes, a "world" champion from San Diego to New York. :roll: :lol:

san diego and new york are worlds apart ... so..