No Fun League, my rear end!

that comeback by the eagles rivals anything we see in the cfl. absolutely amazing. right on eagles. :rockin

Go Eagles. Go Vick. Go Desean. just too good.

simply an incredibly entertaining day so far in the NFL.

Hope Green Bay doesnt spoil it

Too many games on at 1:00 too! I'm still playing catchup more than last week to watch the highlights.

Here was a hilarious and cool review of the Top 10 plays on 21st And Prime by Deion Sanders on The NFL Network:

[url=] ... -Primetime[/url]

And check out especially #4 the funniest play and commentary of the year! :lol:

And for any offensive lineman here like Jordan: What's your longest run after kick or fumble recovery? Story?

A game like this one, and ones we’ve seen in the CFL, and that Buffalo/Tennessee game years back, prove one thing - it doesn’t matter what league it is, if you’re a football fan and love the game, 3 or 4 down, some incredible things can happen.

The amount of fun in watching an NFL game, aside from any given team with a star on special teams as comes up on occasion, I would say has a lot to do also with the type of offence run by any one team.


As posted many times otherwise, the NFL was so heavily slanted to defence that they changed many rules for the 1978 season in what is called now the Live Ball Era of the game (soon to be called the Prime Era should there be a lockout to damage the entire league I say), which the NFL has altered consistently over the years generally in favour of the offence. Mind you many of those same old rules exist still in NCAA football, but that's another discussion. The NFL deliberately wanted to make the league more of a passing league.

Most NFL teams run the standard pro-set offence most of the time one first and second down early in the game using one running back, one pass-catching tight-end, and three receivers. The offence itself is about as exciting to watch as is the quarterback at least decent, and as far as decent there are probably only a dozen names on this list:
[url]NFL 2022 Player Stats | passing Stats |

Otherwise take any one of the teams with a ball control offence who do not pass near as much, plus historically the New York Giants, and I'd say more of their games are not as exciting to watch. This seems to be doubly true when they play each other. All these teams but perhaps JAX have above average defences too. The Steelers and Ravens have substantial defensive scoring to make them more exciting for some games than they would be otherwise too.

For sake of the spread offence, all three of the teams I could come up with are fun to watch play even though they are all not playoff teams.

And for sake of the offences with West Coast elements, it's a fun offence to watch in the works as it is for a whole lot of play by Calgary and Toronto, but in the NFL only Philadelphia is exciting to watch run a hybrid version of it with Michael Vick at the prime of his game and the 5th of 6 total excellent NFL QBs: