No Friday Night Football Toni-i-ight...

Bummer, no football tonight. :frowning: What's everybody doing instead?. Ribbit...

I liked it when the CFL had one playoff game on Saturday and one on Sunday. Then each game was an event on it's own, not crammed together going head-to-head against NFL Sunday. Plus fans don't have to wait as long for the game.

The Sat games were 50 years ago and the CFL briefly tried sat. games , 6 or 7 years ago but switched back after 1 year.

I know that more people will stay home and watch tv on sunday than Saturday when they have other things to do, but I still wish there was a sat.

Missed it big time.
Even though we are heading into to the most exciting time of the schedule on the one hand, the reality is there are only a few more weeks left then nothing for 6 months.

Me too.

Plus, I usually find 6 hours of football a bit much for one day, but 3 hours Sat and 3 hours Sun works well for me. :thup:

That's true, but us Rider fans will be tuned in after Lord Grey's Cup is won to find out the details on the next GM/Coach is going to be.

Football! USC at Colorado.
Fight On Trojans!

Yes.... it suddenly dawned on me around 8:00 pm when my mind would usually be thinking of Friday Night Football. I didn't even think about that as I watched last Friday.

As for Saturdays, I too liked it when there was one game on Saturday and then one on Sunday, especially if you are attending one of the games. Makes it tough to watch the other game. and, no, I have never recorded anything on television in years. I almost only watch football on TV so never think about recording at all.

I thought the Argos were playing tonight it seemed right NO FANS, NO TV ha-ha!!!

I go on youtube and watch old USFL games from the 80's.

I loved that league. Thanks for ruining it Trump. BTW, yoooor firrrred.

I never watch NFL. Hate it.

Just flip it to TSN Classic Canada and they have Vintage GC games on.