No Friday Night Football on TSN?

For those of your who’ve been on this post this summer have heard me bitch about the lack thereof tv coverage on Gades Games but do you believe this?

Wendy’s FNF is sorta becoming a staple for the CFL and they aren’t showing the game… Common!?

There was TSN game on Thursday… what going on man?

Wendy's Friday Night Football Pregame: Hamilton at BC 9:30 Eastern on TSN
Game Starts at 10:00 Eastern.

Yes, Ottawa is getting done over by the TV scheduling, but there is still a game on Friday on TSN.

a camera crew is at every cfl game. every game gets recorded for the league to review, if needed....i wish they could STREAM the game live on

Bob Yound is on record as one of the owners that wants to stream games of this sort and he did it for a Hamilton game last year. I am sure in the future it will happen. Even the dinosauers in the NHL are now discussing streaming games.

3rd road game with no tv for the Gades... No wonder the attendance is not that good...