No-ffensive Line

There is clealy a problem here and it isn't working. Can;t run the ball. Can't protect the QB. So where do we start?

  1. Why is Angus Reid on the sidelines?
  2. Sorensen was our 1st rnd draft pick 2-3 years a go and was a monster playing for carolina, nearly drafted in the NFL. He is huge and can move people. Why not give him a shot. He seems to do fairly well when he is out there. Problem is they only bring him in for the run/short yardage, so when he goes know they are running. Good one Chump-delaine. Why not just fax them the playbook.
  3. Sit Printers. He needs to be healthy so he can run. It opens our offense and without his mobility he is a sitting duck back there and simply not effective. We need him healthy. If you have to make it more difficult for one more game to allow for a stronger overall season...then you have to do what you have to do.

Go Lions. :smiley:

  1. Reid's foot is not fully healed from last year I'm not sure He will see much action this year.
  2. totally agree with you why isn't Sorenson getting more playing time , Chaps was run out of Edmonton for the same reason he's to perdictable.
  3. I think with Caseys hamstring injury it's totally throwing off his rhythm I'm not sure Lulay is really the answer here though we may need some help via trade.

thought so with Reid. Had to be something but thought that was better now. Though makes sense, too much experience to just sit on sidelines for no reason....

And to be clear...I am not calling for a change in QB based on anything other than we need this guy healthy and if he is playing hurt then he needs a chance to heal so he can be effective moving forward.. It is week 4 coming up and clearly there is something not quite clicking with this offense. Not jumping on the team, but if you watched the games you can sense somethings not quite rightout there and IF it is the injury, then let him heal. Besides, we are used to injured QBs by now aren;t we?

I think Chump-de-lame may be getting off a bit too easy in all this too. What is "all this" you ask? is the last three years of being unable to punch it in from 1st and goal. It is consecutive 2-and-outs time after time after time after time. It is having a string of quality QBs unable to perform due to injuries sustained form a poor OLine (who needs Murphy and Jimenez eh?!) and no plan from the OC to help defeat it. It is way to many 2nd and longs. It is absolutely needing a fantastic place kicker to stay in games because our offense has a hard time regularly sustaining drives. He just isn't a great OC. He makes Wally look bad,

Anyway, I will say that i like the fight in this team. There are a lot of new faces...will take time. Gonna take some grit... :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

What's the word on Haji-Resoulli? He hasn't played since getting hurt in the preseason and I haven't heard what his injury is.

The O-line is part of the problem, it was also very obvious that there was some major miscommunication between Printers and the recievers last night.