No FA's for the Esks

Only Rashad Jeanty, who's impact with the Bengals was quite significant, so he probably won't be coming back up to the CFL anytime soon. I congratulate the Esks management for taking care of any potential free agents before free agency begins. Now let's get to stealing some FA's... a return of Abdullah to the Esks looks interesting to me, or a look at Ezra Landry in training camp.

im looking more at those DB's to fll some holes for us... Samuels? Morgan? maybe Ockimey at LB?

We'll bring in some vets to TC next season for sure to compete for some open defensive back spots. I'd bet that Roosevelt Williams, Jonte Buhl, and JR Larose are all locks for starting positions next season(shannon Garret?), so maybe two vet DB's if they're willing to sign for a low price.

How about Davin Bush?

yeah tobad nobody wants too goo tooo

And where'd you get this information from?

While I admit Edmonton does look a little bland compared to Vancouver, Montreal or even Calgary in terms of sexyness, I really feel that pro footballers from anywhere in N America will respect the esks's program and tradition once they report at Commonwealth. If they don't, I don't want them anyway.

Good point, but let's be honest here. The reason why we still read posts like that from drool kat is because of the quality of the orginization. There is so much resentment built up in other cities because of this. Make no mistake, we are respected in the football world because of our history and tradition.

I would think most players are aware of these things by the time they get to Commonwealth, and remember one thing. The Eskimos don't bring in "just anybody" either.


I could see the Esks trading one their RBs for some defensive help, rather than going the FA route. Davis and Maurer are the most tradeable commodities, but Warren might be used as trade bait as well.