No Fair - When does my team get to play the bombers....

...oh yeah, next week... :twisted: :smiley:

B-2.....B-12......B.B-INGO!!!!! :cowboy:

I hope they just fold so that we do not have to suffer anymore in Winnipeg. Fans need to stop attending so that this team either folds or improves to bring fans back

Maybe its all going according to plan so Asper can pickup the team and the building for nothing. Seems to be the Canadian way :lol:

Brilliant idea, stop supporting the team and wait 15 years to get a franchise back. It worked for the Jets.

Fixed it for ya bobo

Haha, great thread!

But man, oh man it hurts.

Every fanbase has gone through it one point or another :slight_smile:

Let's make this interesting. I will take avatar bets with any Calgary fans who wanna bet on next weeks game.

Bombers win, you rock a Bomber Avatar for a week. Calgary wins, I'm rocking a Calgary avatar.

Any other fans of any other teams are welcome to join the bet, just post below.

Ridiculous. the OP I see that bet and raise it, if the BBs beat the stamps next week I will rock a BB avatar in my sig line for the rest of the season, right up to 12:01 the day after Grey Cup, if the horsies win you wear a stamps logo for a week...

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Fold the only team that plays out of the brand new stadium in Winnipeg. Genius!

Go Bombers go.....

Hammer we do not have a CFL team. Yes we have a new building but this is not a CFL team. A building with many flaws I must add and a huge debt that continues to grow and we the tax payers have to pay for it and now to make matters worse have our nose rubbed in it with this crap team. I understand why you and other fans want them in the league, it’s so that your team can slaughter these clowns that continue to disgrace the Bomber uniform and you can go home and brag about how great you teams victory was. Sorry but I refuse to pay for this crap any more and will no longer be a season ticket holder after 20 years I can no longer stomach this. My money is going to the jets now, yes Hammer they are back and they resemble a real professional sports team.

My season tickets our in the garbage now where this team belongs!!!

Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.


don't fall over yourself trying to jump back on the bandwagon when they start winning.

Yea, and you get another freebie against Saskatchewan in 3 weeks too.

20 plus years as a season ticket holder hardly makes me a bandwagon jumper. I have always been a Bomber Fan and always will be but I will not throw any more money out to watch the garbage I saw on Friday night. My whole section all commented about how it is time to spend our money elsewhere. This board/ current ownership has destroyed this team. I attended many games long before I could afford to become a season ticket holder as I am old enough to remember the great teams we had in the 80's. In the last 20 years as a season ticket holder this has to be the worst and that includes the Reinbold years. This team will never be a winner again until it is sold to a responsible owner as the board we have now often interferes with the football operations. I am going to predict right now that the Bombers do not win another Grey Cup until ownership changes.

I wonder how many of you would buy season tickets for a team that has not one a Grey Cup in more than 20 years and is getting worse every year. They are now the laughing stock of the CFL. Pretty easy to cast stones from BC and any other CFL team for that matter.

Would it be accurate to say you are just a little ticked off Prairiedog72? :wink:

I agree. Fold this sad sack of garbage team. It's a complete disgrace, even for a bush league like the CFL.

Hamilton went through similar problems shadow7. Just go back into the archives where you'll see they won only 2 out of 18 games in one season and 3 out of 18 in another and so on. The Lions back in the late 60s went through a real drought too.

"I understand why you and other fans want them in the league, it's so that your team can slaughter these clowns that continue to disgrace the Bomber uniform and you can go home and brag about how great you teams victory was."

That is simply a silly comment. Think about it. If a team is not performing and it goes on year after year that team will fold. This is not good for the entire CFL. It happened to the Als. It happened to Ottawa. It almost happened to the Lions and the Ti-Cats. The last thing the CFL wants to see is one of its teams go under because it is being slaughtered game in and game out. The players have to feel incredibly deflated at this time as do the fans.

Are you getting good value for your entertainment dollar? That depends on your perspective. I've been to games where the Lions are being crushed and I've still appreciated the effort both teams have put into the game. I don't know about other fans but I can appreciate immensely a great pass and catch play executed by the opponent as much as I can appreciate the Lions executing it.

Also there might be something you have forgotten all too easily. It was just the season before last that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were in the Grey Cup. Though they are currently the team with the longest Grey Cup drought, no other franchise has as many Grey Cup appearances as the Blue Bombers current at 24. How many times have the Lions been in the GC or Saskatchewan?

Yes, the Bombers have not won the Grey Cup since 1990 but since 1990 they have appeared in 5 Grey Cups. The most recent being just the year before last. That is saying a lot. To put things in perspective, there are 30 teams in the NHL. The Vancouver Canucks entered the league in 1970. In 42 years they have been in three Stanley Cups. They have not won the cup a single time!

BOO HOO!!!!!WAA!!!!WAA!!!!! SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!!!! So your team is having a really bad season,here's a tissue,wipe away those tears :cry: .Been a Cat fan going on over 40 yrs now,the teams won all of 3 Cups in that span(72-13)(72,86,99)
The team won their last Cup in "99".Three years later they won only one game all season and ended up 1-17,they followed that up with a fluke season the next year,when they made the play-offs,after that for a 4 yr span,we endured 5-13,4-14,3-15,3-15 seasons,in fact in total from "02" to "08" we had a record of 126 gms played....32 wins.....93....losses..1 tie.From "02" to "08" in a 7 year span we made the play-offs one time and missed 6 times,oh and I almost forgot two years before we won that "99"Cup in "97" we ended up at 2-16 for that season.Am I still a fan after all this????DAMN RIGHT I AM!!! It's so easy being a fan only when your team is winning,but a TRUE FAN sticks with a team through thick and thin,and believe me being a Cat fan there's been way more thin than thick for way too many years around here,but bail on my team,because of it.............NEVER!!!!! Remember one thing,at the end of the day......It's only a game!!!!! We were that FREE SPACE on the Bingo card for years,it's your teams turn now.......but it won't last forever,the sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on.This CFL is a goofy league......1997....2-16....1999....Grey Cup Champs....2003....1-17,so just relax,take a deep breath,the B.B's stink this year,it happens,nothing ya can do about it,there's always next year!! :cowboy: :slight_smile: