No F18 flyover at end of O Canada?

Very disapointed we didn't have the Canadian Air Force fly over at the end of O Canada or at kickoff.
Especially on Canada Day. Anyone feel disappointed about this or am I in the minority? I thought it really got the crowd into it last year when the F18 ripped over us other years.

No fly over :thdn:
No parachuters :thdn:
Noooooooooo Booooooooooody showed up on offence !!! :thdn:

Very Disapointed !!!!! :thdn:

Perhaps a cost cutting measure?

Scott Mitchell announced they would have all these event going on ????????????? :thdn:

It's possible all the available F-18s from either Cold Lake or Bagotville were tied up in other community ceremonies or providing security for no-fly zones in Ottawa for the Royal Visit.

Historicaly speaking, I wouldn't trust anything he ever says.


..................and don't forget that we have CF-18s assigned to the NATO flying missions over Libya, and there is always a flypast over Parliament Hill for Canada Day. And we currently have a number being upgraded/modified right now so very few to spare.

How about a fly past by the North Carolina Air National Guard?

don’t follow

A wee joke.

See this thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=66573

Yes, maybe Bob could have had some pull to get a flypast :lol:

Not to mention that it seems too much to ask for assets from those bases while the Alouettes and the Stampeders did not get any.

I heard the parchuters cancelled early in the afternoon because they were called in for a search and rescue in Quebec. They must of not booked anything else because of the parachuters being booked.


Yes, I missed the flyover too. Not even the CWH flew. Maybe it was an omen for the game that followed ...

Well, he said that the Cats would never play at the West Harbour and last I checked...

Didn't they also say they wouldn't play at IWS?

Not sure; maybe. But that's not the point, and you are smart enough to know that. To say that you can't trust anything someone says when clearly that person has said something that turned out to be true means that the previous statement was false. People just need to be careful with the words they choose to use. You can't be that definitive about someone else because sooner or later it is likely that you will be proven wrong.

caretaker wrote:

The reasons for Ivor Wynne’s lack of success for anything, even CFL football, is the lack of visibility and the lack of access.

Just ask anyone in Ontario where Ivor Wynne is. If they don’t live in Hamilton or didn’t previously live in Hamilton, they’ll simply have no idea. The reason the stadium is still named Ivor Wynne after all these years is no one is willing to pay enough for the naming rights to justify the cost of the scaffolding needed to change the sign.

[url=] ... am-stadium[/url]

And for the record, none of this really matters to me, and is why I held out hope for WH even though the tabbies said they would not play there.

Things always change. Never say never, and lo and behold we're back at IWS.

Best to move on and make both IWS2 and the Tiger-Cats the best that they can be.

Hey guys,

We had planned on having parachuters from the Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technician team land on the field before the game and have the plane they jumped from - the Herc - fly by afterwards.

Unfortunately, the SAR Tech team had to cancel yesterday afternoon after being called to execute a search and rescue mission in Quebec.