NO EXCUSES! - a pathetic display of pro football!

No one should be making excuses that we lost this game due to Lumsdens injury, or a short week, or Calgary being the 'best CFL team so far', Tre Smith having butterflies!

Plain and simple was that they weren't prepared to play a football game! I don't know why they were but Charlie better soon find out or this season won't get any better. The next two games are against teams that I still am not convinced Hamilton can play with. clearly we can't play with Montreal, and Edmonton is 2-1 so far this season with a game still to play.

The defence is WEAK! no doubt about it, and I see some haters on Moreno already but come on, he can't be everywhere, there are still other players out there, but no one is making a play! No pressure at all from the D-line other than the first play and one of the last plays in the game, and Coverage was atrocious.

Offense showed signs of life...the whole 4 drives, but two ended up in TURNOVERS! my gosh was there ever a lot of turnovers, did no one on offense want to hang on to the ball? Printers has shown me no signs of accuracy throwing the deep ball, although he showed some patience under pressure (which was way too much tonight) and found an open reciever for an 8 or 10 yard play. But no run game without Jesse, which i don't think could do much better if we had him, the o-line did little to open holes or pass protect all night!

Setta had some BOOMING punts...but did not seem like he was trying to angle them out of bounds to pin them deep at all? Come on coach! Tre smith bobbled the first ball he touched but he bounced back I guess you could say.

All together though and you were looking at a completely pathetic display of professional football, and there should be little to NO excuses for the shellacking they just got! I am going to hope for a better effort next week and the weeks after that but I am not going to expect much

...rant over

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