No Excuse For This Loss

Yes we Bomber fans did underestimate the Boatman on Friday night as they showed they have fight in them and could possibly make the East a little more interesting, the standings as of this post reflect that:
Our Bombers and The Argos are both 1-1
the Cats are 0-2
The Als are 0-1(at least for now)

There are no poor excuses to be made for this loss, as a team the Bombers need to FIX the special teams coverage, too many breakdowns and missed tackles, 3 KR/PR/missed Field Goal returns in 2 games is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. If that return against us that T.O made did not go for a TD, we could be sitting at 2-0. That being said, again i am not making excuses, the defense had several missed tackles, Odell Willis had 2 bad penalties, Gallant had a borderline major penalty but regardless it was called and it cost us yards.

Special Teams need to be FIXED immediately and rumor has it Doggett is coming back to town and should help with ST, he won’t be a savior but a much needed presence on the teams. LaPo needs to look at the ST Coach and player’s as a whole and change something now before it’s too late.

The Defense looked lost at times, granted they are a young group with Stewart, Kent new at DB, as a team we need to let these player’s learn from there mistakes (all player’s) and correct what needs to be corrected. I am not just picking on the rookies as many player’s had missed tackles, Ike Charlton had at least two missed tackles that he SHOULD HAVE had and the DLINE missed a bunch as well. It is not time to panic as i believe LaPo and these player’s know that they should have been better and will work this coming week to correct the mistakes.

If we improve our special teams coverage and missed tackles, we will be in fine shape, last week against the Cats we could have held the Cats to 15 Points if it were not for those two returns, last night we could have had a win if we didn’t allow the return and miss a ton of tackles.

The bright spot is The Cats lost again and are 0-2 going into next weeks game against Our Bombers, the Cats will be hungry though and we have to be ready to play better. Buck Pierce and the offense had another solid outting and Buck is proving alot of critics wrong as he had a great game 25/35, 366 Yards, 3 TDS, 1 INT (which he should not have thrown) and over 100 yards rushing. Reid could not get anything going and he needs to turn it up as we will need him more and more as the season wears on and I am still VERY surprised that Bernard has not even seen the field this season, he is another weapon just sitting on the bench. Jeffers-Harris showed us why the coaches were so high on him and if he keeps improving he will be a dangerous reciever and with Harris-Bowman-Edwards on the field we could have 3 of the best reciever’s this season.

It is hard to pick a defensive player of the game for the Bombers but i have to say Doug Brown showed why he is the best DT in the league and he battled all night.

Offensive player ---- I have to split this one with Buck Pierce (25/35, 366 yds, 3 td, 1 int, 103 Rushing yards) and
Jeffers-Harris (7 catches — 152 Yards and his first 2 CFL TDS).

Fix the Teams and missed tackles and we will be just fine ----- On the injury front, any news on Ian Logan and Dorian Smith?

offensive player = jeffers-harris no doubt. no quit in that kid. cant give buck the offensive star because of.. well he fumbled and int.. both lead to argo fg's.

defensive = i agree and ill say doug brown, we lost d smith and brown stepped up.

agree with your assesment of the game.

lots of missed tackles, defenisvely and special teams wise. those can be corrected. as for reid, how is he gonna do much when he only has 7 carries a game. HE WONT. we need to run the ball more.

we need a kick returner also.. we need special teams help (perhaps playing some starters would help??)

but most of all.. we need patience.

I am not sure if we need a returner, i agree we need patience but the blocking on Special Teams has been average at best, we all know Jovon is a great returner and we have some guys that may fit perfectly as a KR/PR like Suber (when he is healthy) or Chris Davis, heck even give Bernard a chance lapo isn't using him anyway's :roll:

It isn't rumour about Doggett returning. Bomber twitter says he'll be at practice on Monday.