No excitement about the Al's

On many of the CFL fan boards everyone seems to be excited about their team. However, the AL's ZERO -----
Even the newspapers ----- ZERO
The new Head Coach ----- ZERRO
Sorry folks this is going to be one long season.....crap!

Well, I'm going to try and be a little more optimistic. Sure, many new faces and many questions to be answered but you never know. They may surprise.

The last time I saw so many changes was in 2002 and we all saw what happened. Who knows? Maybe history will repeat. Only time will tell. 8)

I totally agree; this 2007-2008 off-season has been the most quiet ever.

The last announced player signing was March 18,2008; -Jamel Richardson W.R.- almost 2 months. I exclude the CFL Draft.

I don't understand why Mr.Popp does not announce some off his signings; it must be difficult to sell season or games tickets.

All we hear or read are rumours. -Rogers, Warrick and LeZotte- If they are signed tell the fans; it's not as if we had a perfect record in 2007. We were 8-10, so we need new/better players.

I can't wait until rookie camp; please, Mr.Popp make the fans happier and more "rêveurs"; it's hard to dream with the announcements to date.


Sure its quiet here!
Its always quiet, don't forget the Habs were just eliminated last week and they get all the press while they are playing, even when they don't play they get all the press!

As Ro 1313 says, the Habs get all the press here in Montreal (unfortunately). I opened my radio today to 730 am, and they were still debating/talking about the Canadians! Guys, get over it (and maybe get a life…).

But, am 730 mentionned that Marv Levy will be at the Als training camp (almost a week after the Gazette).

I hope that football coverage in Montreal will pick up soon. There are a lot of unknowns for the Als heading into 2008. Journalists could crap on this team a ton! I hope that for better or worse, the local media starts covering the Als more.

Well, Herb is doing his best! :lol:

Now, that right there is funny! :thup: :thup: :thup: