No end call in CGY/WPG game being investigated by league?

Apparently Mike O'Shea and the Blue Bomber upper management have been demanding an explanation on the No End call that put the Bombers in 3rd and 5 from the 43 yard line instead of 1st and 10 inside the Calgary 40. Of course as it played out Winnipeg was forced to try a 50 yard field goal which they missed to basically seal the game for Calgary.

The issue is that Darvin Adams, the receiver who apparently drew the penalty for not being on the line actually received confirmation from the ref that he was on the line prior to the snap.

I watched the play again from the TSN TV angles. You can clearly see Adams point at the ref as he is walking down the line of scrimmage towards the sideline. The ref pointed back confirming he was on the line. After this though Adams did appear to change his lead foot and in doing so did end up taking a half step back from the line. As soon as the QB sneak was whistled dead the sideline ref ran right to the pile where he was called over by the head referee. After a brief conversation the sideline ref begins to throw his flag just as the TSN camera angle changes.

So while it was the sideline ref on Adams' side that eventually threw the flag it seems like it was the head ref that told him to do it and that was why it was so late.

It was suggested by someone on another forum I follow that based on the CFL rule book Adams should still have been considered properly lined up. They cited this rule:

Article 3 – Scrimmage Zone
The scrimmage zone is the area extending one yard on each side of the line of scrimmage and from Sideline to Sideline.

Kirk Penton's twitter (ugh!) is now reporting that the CFL is investigating the call. A few tweets down you can also see a video clip of the play in question.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Arash Madani also tweeted the following (^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author):

Source on-field tells me Mike O'Shea asked for explanation on Adams flag. Source on stripes: "buried his head and ran away. Literally.

As a Bomber fan I am surprised how apathetic I am towards this. The Bombers made enough stupid mistakes that they can look at themselves before getting too upset with the refs. My biggest lament is that the call, right or wrong, took away the potential for a really exciting final 60 seconds.

I don't expect anything to come out of the in house investigation except at best an apology from the league.

Apathetic is a perfect word for the Bombers. We're 4-9 and this is the only thing we can come up with. If we all look at the game film, we'll see what went wrong and fix it. Oh wait, this isn't the first time it's happened, according to our HC.... I'm tired of excuses. I want results. We've won 1 game in our last 7 and that was against Sask. who had just beat us soundly for their first and only win of the year !!!!.... I see the D is improving but that's about it. I don't think it's a coincidence that the D is coached by an experienced, competent coach. Hard to envisage improvement when most of our coaching staff needs coaching themselves.... Other fans don't have to listen to the constant refrain of "Wait till next year" or "You gotta be patient". And I'm a Leaf fan, so I know the mantra very well.... I don't care what the outcome of this investigation is, apathy is here. One good thing though. It was the most animated and excited I've seen O"Shea since he was hired. For a second there, I thought he might get mad and yell. Nah....

The officials ruined a good game.

I don't feel that way and I am by no means a great fan our of officials.
3rd quarter- a grand total of 41 yds by the O
4th- a fantastic 81 yds

My numbers may be off by a yard or two but I'm having a hard time putting anything on the officials. In his presser, O"Shea admits this has happened before. Who's responsible for that ? It ain't the refs.

So eerily similar to the loss in Calgary back in week 2 or 3? the Bombers just repeat their mistakes, not sure who should wear the goat horns for that?

O'Shea has a point. If the official signaled he was on side and was overturned by another official after the play he should have come clean.

I agree, but just like a political maneuver, let's get the attention on a mistake made by someone else and ignore the 4 and 9 record.

Wildly uneven game by the Bombers. There were moments (like their first touchdown drive) that were sublime. Then through much of the 2nd half they couldn't move the ball if their lives depended on it, before finally coming alive again late in the 4th quarter.

Then their D was gashed by Cornish for much of the game, then they suddenly awoke late and were swarming him. Again, moments when the Bomber D was stingy - playing tight coverage on Rogers, then other times Mitchell was playing pitch and catch with McDaniel.

They are rebuilding but for the most part they certainly are getting better. O"Shea will grow as a coach as well. Had Willy stayed healthy, this team would be solidly in third place.

No, in a thread with this heading, the issue is the mistake made by someone else.
And the total offence in the second half? Again, it only matters that the Bombers did what they had to do to put themselves in the position to win and that was denied them...on a line call that was delayed..for several seconds because of why, again?

They told us earlier this season that officials would talk to each other to avoid things like this. Obviously communication is not working... Now is Orridge going to fine O"SHea? I've defended officials for years on here but this is just not acceptable.

The #CFL admits it got the illegal procedure penalty call wrong last night.

and how does this make amends to the Bombers who still come away with ZERO points regardless?

Nice job ref!

Are you happy that they've admitted fault ? We're talking about it and the media is talking about. Everyone's talking about it ! I agree that it was bogus call but in the end it won't make a bit of difference. The Bombers ain't going to the dance anyways...... My quip on the 2nd half offense totals was in answer to Skidsteer saying he thought it was an exciting game. From a D view I guess it might be, but from an O view, not so much.

Yes that's what I thought and there is still the possibility that it costs them a post-season opportunity as well

Brutal, just brutal.

And it was an exciting game until the officiating wedged their way into the proceedings.
As to the Bombers not going to the dance...anybody who makes the playoffs can get to the dance. Their chances have been hampered because the ending of this game is left in limbo.

And officiating continues to be the biggest problem that the league has.

yep. the Bombers got the short end of the stick.

They should give the Bombers 2 points IMO. This is serious. People have jobs on the line. Leave Calgary with the two points but give the Bombers 2. This should be the way forward when a serious mistake like that is made. If its a playoff game the team should get a draft pick ahead of the first team picking the following spring.